Modern Dayfarer Pre-Order Update (Updated)

Posted on 2월 01 2021

Modern Dayfarer Pre-Order Update (Updated)


Modern Dayfarer Pre-Order Update

by The UrbanCred Team
Hello everyone. This is an update for our customers who picked up a Modern Dayfarer sling from the Pre-Order period. Currently we wanted to keep everyone updated on the status. The shipments were in transit and on track to arrive end of January. Unfortunately something went wrong with the customs declaration for invoices. They recently should have received the appropriate documents and will be on it's way to us soon. 
Once it is shipped over to us in the US and customs, they will be sent to our warehouse and then out they go to you guys. Thank you for your patience in this matter as we work though this together. 
Update 2/17/21: 
To give you guys an idea where the package is at the moment, here is the tracking status. It seems to be stuck in US customs. We're waiting on them to clear and it'll be on it's way. Thanks again for your patience! 


February, 11 2021

  • 11:55 Local time   |   Update of customs clearance information| CINCINNATI HUB, OH --USA


February, 09 2021

  • 15:09 Local time   |   Return the package to the shipper| LEIPZIG --GERMANY

on Saturday

February, 06 2021

  • 00:15 Local time   |   Arrive at DHL facility LEIPZIG --GERMANY| LEIPZIG --GERMANY


February, 05 2021

  • 19:35 Local time   |   Depart from DHL facility HAMBURG --GERMANY| HAMBURG --GERMANY
  • 18:56 Local time   |   Transport processing at DHL facility HAMBURG --GERMANY| HAMBURG --GERMANY
  • 16:36 Local time   |   Luggage collection| HAMBURG --GERMANY
Update 2/25/21: DHL has sent back the shipment again due to missing documents. We are currently in contact with the brand to hurry and get the shipment into our hands. 
I understand this is frustrating and we are doing our best to get them to ship the package properly to our warehouse. 
Feel free to contact us at if you have further questions and we'll be happy to answer.
Thank you for your patience everyone!
- The UrbanCred Team

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