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BR2 Travel Rest Pillow

$39.00 $60.00

• Ergonomically designed for better comfort and alignment
• High-performance moisture-wicking, grease-resistant fabrics
• One-size-fits-most (built to fit 90% of adults)
• Easy to pack and small enough to fit into any carry-on
• Hand-washable
• Weight: 6.5oz
• Dimensions: 171 x 120 x 124mm

Engineered for travel performance. 

There are better ways to rest during the flight. Working with engineers, medical practitioners, and modern globetrotters to create BR2 - the travel rest engineered for comfort and performance. Ergonomically designed for better alignment, small enough to fit into any carry-on, and sleek enough to travel confidently. 

1) BR2 Travel Rest 
2) Integrated Strap-System
3) Microfiber Carrying Pouch
4) Clip-on Carabiner
5) Lifetime Guarantee

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