Current Deals and Updates


    Warehouse Update:

    UPDATE: 7/19/21

    We have 90% off all our stock in our new warehouse location. 5% is still in transit to us and the other 5%, our old warehouse partner is still sweeping for missing products that they may have missed in the initial transfer. 

    For anyone who has an order with Dayfarer Slings, they are part of the 5% still in transit. Please be patient and bare with us as we are doing our best to speed up the process so we can in turn get them out to you. 

    Thanks for your understanding!

    Yes, We’re Shipping!

    While we are working from home, we're processing orders as usual, and you can reach out to us with questions at anytime from M-F. 

    Delays Expected

    Both domestic and global shipping routes are currently impacted, with custom clearance and last mile delivery seeing significant delays.

    We have recently moved our shipping and storage into a 3rd party warehouse. Note that they also handle many other companies and brands with their storage and shipping so congestion is very likely. They are doing their best with less personnel and extra steps to ensure that both they and your packages are safe. We appreciate your understanding here, and will try to be speedy in the areas we do have control over. 

    • All orders ship out the same day if placed before 11AM EST M-F.
    • Please note of the usual handling time of 1-2 days. 
    • Again due to congestion of many packages going out, please keep in mind that handling time may be as long as 3-4 days in some very rare cases.
    • Please email us about when you need an item and we will let you know if it can make it in time or not.
    • Package hasn't been shipped out yet? Contact at us and we will get you updated and keep you updated.