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ANNEX 360 Wallet Sling


  • Total 5 zippered pockets;
  •  Patent-pending single zipper 3 pocket design (main compartment)
  • Front dome-shaped zipper pocket for extra storage space (i.e., keys, earphones, etc.)
  • Rear concealed zipper pocket
  • Rotating swivel hook to attach to a belt loop or other bags
  • Belt latch webbing
  • RFID protected (main compartment  + rear pocket)
  • Magnetic release key chain strap
  • Anti-theft zipper pull design
  • Removable clamp to attach to ~25mm webbing or for strap management
  • Waterproof fabric + weather-resistant zippers
  • Weight: 6 oz / 170 g 
  • Dimension (inches / mm): 3.3 x 5.1 x 1.8 / 85 x 130 x 45

Reimagining a wallet that no longer belongs in your pocket. This was when we first decided to create a multi-purpose wallet, extending our pocket extension concept.

When you think of a wallet, an image of a small, flat case that is usually pocket-sized and foldable may come to mind.  Used primarily to carry paper currency, coins, credit cards, IDs, and other card-sized items.