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Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet


  • Opens with a one-handed pinch, and closes with a satisfying click to allow for easy access.
  • To keep this wallet as slim as possible, we’ve joined the layers of leather using heat bonding, rather than bulky stitching.
  • The snappy magnetic closure keeps your stuff secure, helps maintain a slim silhouette, and feels incredibly satisfying!
  • Pre-molded leather means you don’t need to break it in overtime – it stays looking new for longer, and your cards fit perfectly from the get-go.
  • Easy access and slim storage are key design intentions; the ultra-thin pull tab for card access achieves both.
  • While fully recyclable, the packaging is handsome enough that you might want to hang onto it to store small items.
  • Fits 6 - 8 cards, folded bills
  • RFID protected
  • Environmentally certified leather
  • Dimensions: 105 x 77 x 14 mm
  • Color: Onyx

The Apex Slim Sleeve is a leap forward in wallet design. The sleek storage of this iconic Slim Sleeve is reimagined with pre-molded, precision-cut leather, stitchless construction, and precise magnetic closure. This wallet is crafted from premium, environmentally certified leather, sourced from gold-rated tanneries in the Netherlands.