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The Box Wine Sailors


The true story of a young couple who quit their jobs and set sail for a year on the ocean without boating experience.

Amy and Jimmie were not sailors, and their experience on the seas included reading a few books, watching a couple of instructional videos, and boating once a week each year.

The Box Wine Sailors tells the true story of a couple's ramshackle trip down the coast with all the exulting highs and terrifying lows of sailing a small boat on the Pacific. From sailing on Thanksgiving morning under spectacular bright blue Californian skies just off the Channel Islands as dolphins raced alongside their boat to the terrifying experience of rounding Punta Gorda and hanging on to the mast for dear life.

It also tells the story of two very normal people doing what most people only dream of and settling the argument that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.