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Gear For Your Life In Motion

At Urbancred, we focus on finding your gear to help keep you going.

Nomatic Has Arrived.

Products that inspire confidence for life on the move.

Cause in Effect

Multifunctional • Style • Straight from Japan

Represent Yourself. Hyphenate.

Inspired by living in the intersection of cultures, the Street-Slang 3.5 was born.

Introducing Attitude Supply.

The ATD1 is here to be your ultimate travel and EDC companion.

Pre-Order Available: CIE Collection

From the former designer of master-piece and AS2OV, comes the innovative brand, Cause In Effect (CIE).

Straight from Japan, their bags are multi-functional pieces that allows for any type of scenario, whether you're commuting on the subways of New York or exploring the streets of Kyoto, their bags will have you covered.

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We work with brands who create the highest quality products that are made to last.


Each of our products fills a role but are able to adapt to different situations — regardless of being in the boardroom or in the air.


Gear was made to help elevate your life but also to express yourself. Subtle style to boost who you are.