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Exploring the Innovative Cordura RE/COR™ RN66 Fabric: A Game Changer for Outdoor Gear

Posted by Edward Wang on

The outdoor gear industry is constantly evolving, driven by the pursuit of lighter, stronger, and more sustainable materials. In recent years, a significant shift has been observed as brands are increasingly adopting Cordura RE/COR™ RN66...

Behind the Scenes: What is X-Pac?

Posted by Edward Wang on

For some, bags are mere fabric constructs designed to contain their belongings. For others, these bags represent more than just storage; they symbolize the guardians of their livelihoods, shielding their possessions from the trials and tribulations of the world. In this realm of robust and resilient materials, X-Pac emerges as the hero we all need.

How to Pack Efficiently for a Productive Workday at the Coffee Shop

Posted by Edward Wang on
Working from a coffee shop can be a refreshing change from your usual workspace, offering a relaxed atmosphere and a change of scenery. However, packing efficiently for a productive day at a coffee shop is essential to ensure you have everything you need while keeping your setup portable and organized. In this blog post, we'll share tips on how to pack your essentials for a successful workday away from the office.

X-TYPE™ Backpack Walkthrough: Technical Excellence meets Everyday Style for Unmatched Versatility

Posted by Edward Wang on

  "Welcome back to another video from! I'm Eddy, the founder of UrbanCred, and today we're diving into the new X-Type backpack from Code of Bell. This bag offers a unique blend of style...

DAYFARER V2 Backpack: The Ultimate Companion for Active Professionals | Review & Overview

Posted by Edward Wang on

  Welcome back to another video on I'm Eddy, and today I'm excited to share my personal review of the newest version of the Modern Dayfarer Backpack. This backpack is designed to cater to...

Boundary Supply Errant Sling X-Pac Review

Posted by Edward Wang on

  Hey there! I want to share with you my personal experience with the Boundary Supply Errant Sling, a versatile and over-engineered bag that's perfect for urban commuters. As someone who commutes daily, I'm always...

Hyphenate Street Slang 3.5 Sling Review

Posted by Edward Wang on

  Hey guys, welcome back to UrbanCred. Today, we're going to talk about one of my favorite bags of all time - the Street Slang by Hyphenate. This bag has been my go-to for the...

How to Keep Your Bath Towels Fresh and Clean

Posted by Edward Wang on

With the new addition of Onsen Towels to, we will be taking you around everything you need to know about towels, including tips on how to take care of them and ensure their longevity. Towels are...

Code of Bell Apex Liner Max & Pro Preview

Posted by Edward Wang on

Transcript: In this video, Eddy from introduces the newest products from Code of Bell, the Apex Liner collection, which includes two types of bags: the Apex Liner Max and the Apex Liner Pro. The...