The newest from Farer Design is the DAYFARER Active Sling. The DAYFARER Active Sling is perfect for your wallet, key, phone, and other essential you want to access fast. Made with the absolute best materials possible.⁠ Its flap pocket opens super fast for quick and easy access and the Fidlock® magnetic buckle on the strap allows easy and one-handed operation.

The VX21 is one of the most advanced textiles on the market, which is extremely tear-resistant, waterproof, lightweight yet super tough. The fabric gives the bag also excellent structural stability.

This is for Pre-Order and in Stock June 2020. Pre-Order Now To Receive 10% off. Utilize Code "DAYFARERACTIVE" at Checkout. Code Does Not Stack. Full Price Once In Stock.
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Chrome Industries Kadet Sling Bag BLCKCHRM 22X Limited Edition