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#20: Tufting Custom Rugs w/ Andrew Kim of Scattered Kind

Posted by Edward Wang on
#20: Tufting Custom Rugs w/ Andrew Kim of Scattered Kind

For episode #20, we chat with Andrew Kim. In our interview, we take a look at his recent success with his tufting class. What is tufting? You'll have to tune in to find out! From start to finish, we check out his journey from start to finish and his starting troubles as well as his reasons to start such an endeavor. 

Today's Guests: Andrew Kim
Andrew started in cybersecurity and in an ad agency but now works for himself as the founder of Arashi Goods and Scattered Kind. His experience with jobs and working for other people never really clicked. With unhappiness and stress, a breakdown was inevitable. So he took the initiative to create something of joy for himself.

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