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#25: The Power of Living in the Now w/ Joshua Tousignant

Posted by Edward Wang on
#25: The Power of Living in the Now w/ Joshua Tousignant

For episode #25, we chat with Joshua Tousignant. In our interview, we talk about Josh's life and his spontaneous trip to China. How finding work there is like overseas and some of his hilarious anecdotes. For the second half, we talk at length about the power of living in the moment and why being focused on the now can help with going through life. Be sure to give us a listen anywhere you get your podcasts.

Today's Guests: Joshua Tousignant
A teacher by trade, he fell into this without expecting to. After many experiences throughout his life from a sudden phone call out of the blue to staying in China for 4 years, he began to stop worrying about the future and just live in the moment. Now he has finished his Master's and continues his work to educate as well as continue his passion for writing on the side.

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