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Attitude Supply ATD2 Backpack Preview

Posted by Edward Wang on
Attitude Supply ATD2 Backpack Preview

 Attitude Supply ATD2 Backpack Preview Transcript:

Hey guys, it's Eddy from UrbanCred. Today we'll be talking about the ATD2 from Attitude Supply. They are a brand from Italy, and they sent a pre-production version of this bag to us so we can kind of give it a test drive and see how it works. We've been using it for the past. Months, and we've been using it for daily runs commuting back to work around the city.

So it's been put into pretty good tests, and we like it a lot. It's the smaller version of the ATD1, their first bag, and it packs a lot of important features. You would need it for a wide variety of activities, right? So it has a sailcloth material. It's laminated for waterproofness. And it's this kind of material is a tough and rigid material. So, if you're biking or you're running through the city or even, you know, heading to a grocery shop to get some stuff, it's it holds up pretty well.

This is what it looks like, and, you know, you can tell. And I'm pulling all this pretty hard, and you don't really have to worry about the durability. Use a fit lock to buckle and unbuckle. It's for pretty convenient access if you need to. And on the front panel here, there is a zipper that allows you access to the inside, which has some organization, and you can see it here.

Actually, I have my battery packs here, and I have a hero clip. Of course, you can pack it on much more before you know example, we just kind of put those in there for now. What's cool about the outside is that there are four handles, one obviously on top, and one on the side. Another one over here. And finally, the last one, which is really cool, is on the bottom. So what that means is it doesn't matter how your bag is. Placed or dropped out of a floor overhead compartment for an airplane, you can grab it very easily, right? How many times have you tried to find a handle? You're fumbling around? Well, where is it? Well, it's all four sides, so no need to worry there are four compression straps on each well, two on each side, four in total.

And they are. What's a cool detail, which I love about bags, are these. The way that they organize these extra excess straps is these Velcro. You can unfold and fold it up and kind of wrap it around this strap so that it doesn't flop all over the place, right? I've always found that to be the best way to keep these straps under control, and they do a really good job, you know? They use these metal G hooks.

So then it's pretty secure.  I'm having trouble taking them off. But here, you can take them off and then put them back on. There you go, right you have some on below. You have some of these flashes, straps, or whatever you'd like to call them. You can attach some bike hooks. I don't bike a lot because I have there's a subway system here in New York City, but I strap my heroclip onto it sometimes.

Maybe I'll stop some other things like, I don't know, like pouches, you know, they will carry pouches. Joey pouches; it's pretty good there. And these also have two pockets. The stretchy pockets that you can insert a lot of different things. What I love about these bags is that you can insert so many things like I could insert a water bottle right here. I can also insert a battery pack. It's a good size, and you know what I like to do since I use so much tech every day.

The battery pack that I can insert on the side. So I can even just boom like that. Water and electricity. Perfect combination, right? So let's put that backdown. Finally, the front. Are they straps? The straps are rigid, you know they won't. They're wide enough that it adds pretty good comfort and you don't have to worry about it.

Wide straps because sometimes in the straps and if they're not padded enough, they dig into your shoulders. These are a pretty good width and padding, so they are pretty comfortable they have these stunning straps. Nice click. You know what I would like to see again is fidlock. You know, magnetic fidlock hardware on these straps. I just like anything good luck. But you know, these are obviously the classics, and these do the job perfectly but sometimes I just kind of want a little extra. So there are all of these straps here, so if you're taller, shorter you can adjust, you can pull this out and then adjust it for different loop heights based on how tall you are..

These kind of basic hip straps also these and you know, if you don't want these. I don't personally enjoy using these or hip straps in general, but you can, you can take them off. There's a little bit of a thing here where you could. Kind of unravel it and just pull it off, and it'll just be there is a whoops. Luggage insert here kind of pass through, and then again there is another pass through here, and if you're wondering what that's for, I don't know if you can see if you're, that's for.

This is for the full version of their hip strap. So this is a little bit, this is kind of just a strap they offer a full version of it that can really kind of offer a little bit more support you know in regards to the back you can tell the padding is pretty thick, so it's very comfortable. This bag is great, and it has a clamshell opening. So I should also want to take a moment to talk about the zippers. The zippers are beefy, it's tough, so it takes a little bit to unzip.

It's pretty secure. In the clamshell opening, I have my laptop here. It's a 15-inch laptop, my favorite thing in the world right here. And it has a laptop compartment that has a tablet compartment, and it has a little zipper up here for the plastic sheet that offers the rigidity of the back frame. You don't want it, you can take it out.

Do you want it? You know you can keep it in. I thought it offered some support in terms of having it stay straight up, but you know, again, it's flexibility. That's why this is simply there. There's these hooks. If you're wondering what these are for. These are for their pouches, so you can or other accessories. I don't use their pouches, but you can definitely. Again you can attach a hero clip, right or you can key chains or keys, I don't know, you can just be flexible, right? Be whatever pencil case and then this is kind of the inside that was great is that you can access to clamshell style or you could open it up here and unroll and boom.

And that's also what makes it kind of awesome because it's the expandability of it is great. The other day I decided to take this to. New York Comic Con for a test run. I was going with some friends and it was great because I picked up the this company called Glorious was selling these. These keyboards on sale for like 50 % off. Great deal and you know how it will be for bag people. We love to buy things for no reason. I picked up the keyboard and the problem was that it was too long.

So what happened? Luckily I had this bag. I just pulled it open, right? From them. So put it on top, rolls it down, extend this over right and then it would. It would hold it, and obviously you have to adjust the strap here and then you know, bring it along, make the strap longer. But you know, the point is that it fits a lot of stuff and it's really flexible for what you can use it for.

I know people who use it for groceries, you know, people use it biking a lot because it fits, it fits tightly on your body and if it's a little bit elevated, so it's great and it's, you know, some people take to work, some people you know, these this kind of and. Those are kind of, you know, some of the examples I use them for, but this is a great bag for if you're going to commute, if you're going to take a short trips down the block or a date, you know, a day trip around the city. Not necessarily great for travel I would say. I think travel you there are better bags for traveling overseas.

If you're going all the way for a while even a weekend trip there are better bags. But if you're commuting, if you're going somewhere close, if you're going to be riding your bike. You know things like that, you can use this bag. It's perfect. Yeah, I mean, that is the ATD2  backpack from Attitude Supply. These are currently on pre-order on their website. If you are interested in buying it in the US we have, we will have them for pre-sale soon in November, and if you were one of the lucky ones who pre-order early on then great, you should be getting them soon at the end of November.

They'll be shipping then. But definitely keep on tabs our website,, and follow us on Instagram @urbancred_ official. And those are the places that we'll keep you updated again. We also do monthly newsletters also keep subscribing to that and thank you for watching our video. We hope to see you again. 

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