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Back to College Guide

Posted by Edward Wang on
Back to College Guide

School is around the corner and you're paying good money for the education. A lot of money. What you want is versatile gear that won't break on you in those crucial crunch time moments. We compiled a list of items you'll need to get you through your grueling academics. Better prepared than sorry. 

Dell XPS Series

An alternative to the Apple series, the XPS Series is a great laptop with a range of features and great build quality. Windows fans will be at home here with a number of different customization settings.
Starts at $799 / Dell


Coming in 4 sizes, these bottles are easy to slip into bags and purses. They can hold both hot and cold liquids. Each memobottle sold provides one person with two months' access to clean water. Stylish and functional and also for a great cause, these will either let you use bags without the water bottle pocket or allow you to free it up for an umbrella. 
Starts at $22 / UrbanCred 

UE Blast Wireless Speakers

Super-portable wireless speaker with Bluetooth® and Wi-fi connectivity with Amazon Alexa. BLAST delivers bold, immersive 360° sound and voice control on Wifi for great music anywhere. Charging stand sold separately for 24/7 music for your get-togethers or music that helps you focus.
Starts at $180 / Ultimate Ears

Field Notes Memo Books

By the same company as the 56-Week Planner, the Memo Books are great for thoughts, quick notes, and small enough footprint to slip in your back pocket or side bag pocket. You'll never miss a tip from a professor again.
Starts at $10 / UrbanCred
Fluxmob BOLT² Battery Pack
This small and functional battery will keep your tech pieces charged and ready to go. You do not want to be left with a low powered phone when you're exploring the city around your campus or meeting some friends at the bar. With two charging ports and a built-in power prong so you don't have to carry one more extra thing.
Starts at $80 $60 / UrbanCred

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle is great for class and pleasure. The matte, backlit e-ink display means reading from the library to on the subway. With the large selection of textbooks and books in general, you'll be good to go on content. Throw in a battery that lasts for weeks and handy features like instant definitions and you’ve got an excellent tool for tackling your workload.
Starts at $120 / Amazon

Blunt Umbrellas

New York weather can be pretty unpredictable. Blunt Umbrellas, on the other hand, was made for those unpredictabilities. Strong winds, hard hale, heavy snow, this umbrella can match and keep up with the toughest of them. 
Starts at $59 / UrbanCred

STRY Project Watch

Smartwatches are great but it's hard to match the look of a classic timepiece. Whether you’re frantically wondering how much time is left on the exam or wanting to look sleek for a date night, a real watch is never a bad choice. After all, clothes dress the man but accessories make him. 
Starts at $125 / UrbanCred 
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo’s hybrid gaming console, Switch. It’s great to play at home but better when commuting. With hundreds of titles to enjoy, it's a great way to also bring some friends over for some Mario Kart or Overwatch after a long day of studying.
Starts at $300 / Amazon 

Lightning Carabiner

Nomads Lightning Carabiner is a carabiner with a secret. Built within is a lightning cable to Apple devices. Hang your keys off it and or just leave it by itself hanging from your bag. Your friends will thank you for it. 
Starts at $35 / UrbanCred

MGCO Artisan Playing Cards

These beautiful playing cards come in three colors. Black, Ivory, and Red. These Artisan cards are meticulously designed so that each card is built with the smallest details that even the casual card users will come to appreciate. Great for icebreakers at a party or magic tricks to woo the girl you've been interested in. Did we mention they are awesome to play cards games with too?
Starts at $15 / UrbanCred

Apple MacBook Pro

Better screen than the Air, more powerful than any other laptop in the Apple lineup, that extremely cool multitasking touch bar. Comes in 13-in and 15-in sizes. If you had to get one to do everything and more, this is the practical choice.

Starts at $1,299 / Apple 

Daypack Backpack Series

Daypack Series by Bitplay is a bag built for modularity and style. With the MOLLE system, you can attach not only the brands own pouches but other pouches with the MOLLE system as well to truly create a look that defines you. Going to the gym? Grab the main bag. Camera shooting? Add on a pouch for that. Going to class but just need a pen, small memo book (Below) and a few other things? Grab the pouch, add a strap and go to class. 
Starts at $85 / UrbanCred

56-Week Planner

A simple undated planner that is easy to use and a great size to toss in your smaller bags or even jacket pocket. Adding study groups or test dates are never easier. 
Starts at $15 / UrbanCred

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