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Behind the Scenes: What is X-Pac?

Posted by Edward Wang on
Behind the Scenes: What is X-Pac?

For some, bags are just a lump of fabric put together to hold many things. For others, it keeps their livelihood safe from the world's dangers so they may continue moving toward their next life goal without worrying about the rugged terrain ahead. Just any piece of fabric won’t do; that’s when a material like X-Pac comes in.


What is X-Pac?

X-Pac is a lightweight fabric that takes multiple layers of material and bonds them together with heat, pressure, and adhesives. Why is this so great? It started with a team of passionate sailors and textile enthusiasts who saw a need for a better sail and developed this with hopes of revolutionizing the industry. Over 50 years later, Dimension-Polyant, has become the world leader in manufacturing this advanced, high-quality sailcloth. 

When the X-Pac material is relied upon during times at sea, it needs to perform in varying situations both environmentally and physically. On top of that, with an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and 100% waterproof, anything made with these is designed to tackle the storm and more. So basically, they stack multiple layers and laminate them under high pressure to make a strong and flexible fabric. 

Is there a reason for the diamond pattern?

While many know the fabric by the crisscross pattern, there is a reason behind it. The diamond shape is called X-Ply, and it’s strategically placed between the fabric components to reinforce the strength of the layers. The point of this is to provide stability, tear strength, and structure, and reduce stretch. It also helps distribute heavy loads evenly across the fabric. 



We at UrbanCred have always believed in the future of our families and our planet. In addition to our efforts, we are glad to work with X-Pac brands. Many, including Dimension-Polyant, work to achieve carbon neutrality, exceed environmental and labor standards and always push forward to create long lasting products with responsible materials via eco-friendly facilities. 

Did you know? According to the Council for Textile Recycling, 85% of post-consumer waste textiles end up in our waste stream. Bags like the Able Carry Daily Backpack or Modern Dayfarer Active Sling are made using X-Pac material and are meant to last a long time.

How to clean X-Pac?

Keeping your X-Pac bags clean is easy. Simple stains can be removed by using a normal detergent and lukewarm water. Rinse occasionally for dirt with fresh water. For mildew, brush the stained area with a stiff brush, removing as much as possible. Then soak in a solution mixed in water and mild soap or even better 1% chlorine for at least two hours. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water. 


Out thoughts

Life is filled with ups and downs. Lefts and rights. Roadblocks and split roads. To get to point b from a, we want to focus on the goal and not worry about our gear falling apart. That’s why we have a variety of bags in different sizes, materials, and designs. Each person is different and we hope that we can provide you with a curated collection of bags so that regardless of which you pick, you’ll know that it’ll last you a lifetime. 

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