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Health: Focus on your Workout

Posted by Edward Wang on
Health: Focus on your Workout

Focus on your workout.

Hustling and getting through your day efficiently and productively isn't easy and for the ones who have taken the challenge head-on, we commend you. That combined with everything else going on in your life, leaves very little for anything else. But we're here to tell you otherwise. Exercise is an important part of staying strong and healthy in a city that never sleeps. With so many other things to deal with, your body should be one of the things you train to keep strong like the stuff you wear. If your body breaks down, it'll affect everything else. Here are a few tips on how to fit your workouts into your difficult and ever-changing schedule. 

Don't Worry About Perfection

Working long hours or always being on the move may seem like your schedule doesn't stop.

It's not always easy but making time to work your body should be mandatory. 

If you're feeling stretched thin due to reasons out of your control, don't use that as an excuse to stop. Set a reasonable number of workouts you want to hit every week. Really can't make it for when you usually work out? It's ok. Just be sure to work out the next day. Missed one out of two workouts for the week? Just be sure to hit it next week. Not every day, week, or month has to be perfect and when it resets, should be seen as a brand new start. Keep striving to hit that goal! 

Be Flexible

When you're consistently moving from one place to the next or just get back home too late for the gym, be flexible. Look up simple workout sets online and do them when you're unable to get to the gym. Don't feel like doing the research? Take a look at apps like KEEP, CENTRFIT, or FREELETICS. They will set you up with a set of workouts based on your needs and requirements. Best of all, they use your body instead of actual weights so you can do them anywhere. Got some time at midnight? Go to a nearby park and work out. Have some time during lunch? Find a spot and pop in your earphones and get to it!

Remember Why 

Finding time to fit in a work out can be challenging. Regardless of the reason, finding balance can really be difficult in our lives nowadays. But you need to remember why you're doing it and the benefits it adds to your lifestyle. Whether it's a 15-minute HIIT workout or an hour in the gym, it'll keep your body healthy and fit.

For some people, they go because they love the feeling of working out, others see it as a little solo time with themselves. Some also see it as a way to punch or kickbox their stress out from their daily lives. Regardless, keeping at it is never perfect but you need to remember that fitting in a session will benefit you at the end of the day and it'll be worth it. And chances are, that after that class or session, you'll feel like an even better version of yourself. Better to the point of being ready to take on anything life throws at you!

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