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Code of Bell Apex Liner Max & Pro Preview

Posted by Edward Wang on
Code of Bell Apex Liner Max & Pro Preview


In this video, Eddy from introduces the newest products from Code of Bell, the Apex Liner collection, which includes two types of bags: the Apex Liner Max and the Apex Liner Pro. The purpose of these bags is to be able to work from anywhere, whether it is from home, an office space, a coffee shop, or even outdoors.

Code of Bell has recently released their newest collection, the Apex Liner, which includes two versatile bags: the Apex Liner Pro and the Apex Liner Max. These bags are designed to cater to the needs of remote workers who need to work from various locations such as coffee shops, co-working spaces, home, or even outdoors.

The Apex Liner Pro, the larger of the two bags, features a unique convertible design that can be converted into a backpack using an add-on backpack harness system. This feature is especially useful when carrying the bag for an extended period, as it distributes the weight more evenly. Made of xpac, a waterproof and durable material, both bags are expandable from the front pouch, and have waterproof zippers, compression straps, and an expandable outer pocket. The Apex Liner Pro has an additional feature of a magnetic flap for added security.

With a variety of pockets and compartments, the Apex Liner Pro is designed to provide better organization options for the user. It has a number of pockets for various items such as pens, battery packs, and notebooks, and can be accessed from both the top and the bottom. The Apex Liner Max, on the other hand, is smaller in size and features a magnetic flap for the main compartment and a small mesh pocket for storing small items.

The Apex Liner collection is an ideal option for those who need a versatile and functional bag for their daily activities. Whether you need to carry a lot of items or want a more compact and streamlined option, these bags cater to both needs. With xpac material and waterproof zippers, the bags are durable, long-lasting, and provide the much-needed protection from the elements.

In summary, the Apex Liner collection by Code of Bell is an ideal solution for anyone who needs a versatile and functional bag for remote work or daily activities. The Apex Liner Pro is perfect for those who need to carry a lot of items and want the option to convert it into a backpack, while the Apex Liner Max is a more compact option for those who prefer a streamlined design. With their waterproof material and expandable front pouch, both bags are designed to provide users with the perfect combination of functionality and durability.

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