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Introducing Hyphenate

Posted by Edward Wang on
Introducing Hyphenate

Introducing Hyphenate

We live in the day and age where we have to constantly be up to date and own the latest technology to facilitate our lives for work or travel. Sometimes, more is less, and what we need is something simple and practical to get us through this long journey of life. Nathan Yi, founder of the brand, Hyphenate, genuinely delivers his products with meaning to leave a great impact in the lives of others.

The denotation of the word “hyphenate” is “to join by a hyphen” and it’s something we may not take even a second to think about outside of reading and writing. Bring the singular word, hyphenate into the world of travel and culture and you’ve got a whole new meaning. This is what the brand, Hyphenate is most notably known for. It’s a travel-streetwear brand representing hyphenated cultures. Everyone has a hyphen in their identity with some being more clear than others.

The inspiration of Hyphenate came from street culture from around the world. Hyphenate is a small team consisting of hyphenated cultures (who are a Korean-American, Venezuelan-Colombian, Hong Kong-Chinese-American, Japanese- American, Malaysian-Japanese-Australian, and may there be many more diverse cultures in the future joining the team!) The brand first  started with those in mind of anyone caught in-between cultures and those who are unsure and unaware of their background. For some people, they may have grown up in a country they have been familiar with all their life, but they were born in a different country on the other side of the world. Hyphenate’s goal is for people to own and embrace their true identity by traveling to the place of their cultural roots. The designs are focused on “feeling free, choosing peace, having passion, and spreading happiness.” Hyphenate's character is reflected in their products with a tough exterior to survive harsh environments, very practical utility to adapt rapidly, and bright colors to represent the vibrant cultures and traditions that we carry. Through the products along with the stories Hyphenate creates, they can hopefully empower others to connect to their culture through what you wear and why you wear them, and unfold the strength and knowledge from your own unique heritage.


The Street-Slang 3.5

The name Street-Slang was chosen because the “streets” is where traveling occurs and “slang” is what you have to know to be one with the locals and really connect with the people. The Street-Slang is the salutations to the hustle and struggles of finding our place in this world.


  • $95 > $80 (Exclusive Pre-Order Period)


  • Shell Material: 1680D Water-Resistant MIL-SPEC Ballistic Nylon
  • Lining Material: 200D Ripstop Nylon
  • Padding: Closed Cell EPE Foam
  • Cam Buckles: MetAstics™ Compression Camlock
  • Top Handle: 2" Wiregate Carabiner


  • Measurements: 27.5cm x 17cm x 6.5cm/8.5cm (Top/Bottom)
  • Volume: 3.5 L
  • Weight: 370 g
  • Pockets: (1) Main Space, (4) Dump Pockets, (5) Zip Pockets, (1) Secure Back Pocket, (1) Secret Stowaway Pocket
  • Extra Features: Strap Management Design, External Sunglass Holder, Pen Slot, Easy-Access Card Slot, Side Grip, Key Lanyard


Who is it for?

This bag is designed for those who want to be comfortable and stylish wherever they go while ensuring they carry the belongings that clothing pockets don’t fit. It’s for those who want to own a quality bag that they may not find in the durability of streetwear and for those who choose simplicity in their travels over technical gadgets.

Daily Usage

Sling bags are in trend and are typically used as a secondary bag; however, the Street-Slang is meant to be a main staple bag for everyday usage. This passes the test of those who are prone to bag breakage from physical activity such as those who are bicycling or skateboarding. It allows us to go hands free like days out on a difficult hike or grocery shopping with a huge haul. This bag wonderfully endures the harsh environment with our belongings remaining intact and organized.


To start with, a good bag must always have an easy access pocket. This can be checked off on our bag requirements. The shoulder strap is adjustable which provides comfort. Think of clothing that doesn’t fit you properly where it’s either too loose or too tight – it just doesn’t look as good as it should. It’s the same concept when it comes to bags where a bag that doesn’t fit your properly won’t be as comfortable or fitting as it should be. The straps can be tucked in so that it doesn’t get in your way. This is great in keeping your space clear and to not have excess material being a distraction. Additionally, the multipurpose handle will allow you to attach any slightly larger item that might not be able to fit in your bag as you go along your travels.


Having a minimalist look on the exterior and a colorful interior is the perfect design to stay professional with flare. Its design is not too flashy as the bright colors are on the interior.  Nathan Yi wants people to feel happy and want to go out; hence, the reasoning of the choice of the interior colors. The features that brings it altogether are the multiple pockets – the internal pockets, the secure back pocket, the side pocket, and secret pocket will keep your belongings organized and safe. What would be a bag without your belongings? You can fit your usual essentials and more: several books, a journal, passport, pens/pencils, water bottle, keys, phone, you name it! Furthermore, you can customize it however you like with your favorite keychains to attach onto the key lanyard.

Final Verdict

Nathan brings up a good point that the Street-Slang is a more thought out and functional bag. Sling bags are typically only one or two simple pockets with a logo on it. After chatting with Nathan on the UrbanCred Podcast, we have a better view of why this bag is unique and how it matches the brand. It’s what makes it more special compared to commercialized bags. While it’s not a standard sized backpack, it’s certainly enough to keep you productive for the day. This is our favorite bag to bring with us for a day to unplug from technology.

You know you’ve got one of the best bags ever when people ask you where you got your bag from. Next time someone asks you about your bag, you know where to refer them to. UrbanCred is proud to be your source for what’s trending and what will last you for a lifetime.


Every Street-Slang purchase will come with a free journal. This bag is currently available for pre-order until September 30th, 2021. Take 15% off during this exclusive period. While supplies last. This discount will only occur once and will not happen again. As always, a big thank you from us at UrbanCred to all of you and your support!

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