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Product Spotlight: Black Ember WPRT Collection

Posted by Edward Wang on
Product Spotlight: Black Ember WPRT Collection

Black Ember WPRT Collection has finally arrived and we take a look at what it's all about. 

Black Ember newly released the WPRT and is short for waterproof roll top. Priced at $225, this bag isn't cheap but it offers far more than the average bag. Breaking down the main features below:

  • 25-30 Capacity (Extendable via toploading)
  • Instant connect magnetic V-Buckle
  • Rolltop and top loading
  • Side access to the main compartment
  • Laser Cut & Bonded YKK Aquaguard Zippers
  • Zipper Garage 
  • IPX06 Waterproof Construction
  • 800 denier micro-hex 3 Later performance textile
  • Laser cut and bartacked Hypalon
  • Aircraft grade aluminum hardware
  • Suspended laptop sleeve
  • Quick front access compartment
  • 3D shoulder straps
  • Active fit back panel

What's Good.

The WPRT is a beast of a bag that can extend to 30 when you unroll the top with V-buckle keeping the bag closed for easy access through the use of one hand. The minimal stitching mixed with the 800-denier micro-hex Layer Textile gives the bag weatherproofing as long as you park the zippers inside the slots.

The Black Ember signature 3D shoulder straps are here as well making the bag extremely comfortable on the shoulders. In addition, Black Ember has added a free-floating, cushioned back panel for even more comfort. In our time using the Citadel Minimal Pack, we never felt like the bag was uncomfortable; even as we traversed the city all day.  

There is a main compartment that can be accessed via the roll-top method or the quick access by the convenient side zippers. There's also a separate laptop sleeve too which is elevated for safer drops when equipped with a laptop. 

Take Note.

The common issue that comes with a roll-top bag. Roll-tops are essentially a large pocket and it can be hard to find things right away compared to a clamshell or zip-top bags. 

The bag's material is a darker material compared to the Citadel Minimal Pack for a more incognito effect. This is great when you're traveling on foot but when on a bike, it could be dangerous. So we recommend attaching a light or reflector just in case. 

25-30L may be too much for some but perfect for others. Depending on how much weight you like to carry, this bag is definitely on the heavier side compared to bags made from canvas or the like. But it's a trade-off for a durable, weatherproof bag that won't fall apart in a year. 

Who is this for?

This bag is for the commuters or travelers who have much to pack and are often finding themselves outside constantly. With the DSLR Pack add-on, it is great for creatives since it helps keep your gear safe as well. 

The material is specifically chosen to allow for a more incognito experience so you're not as likely to be targeted as a tourist when traveling. With the waterproofing, it is also fantastic for bike riders. On top of keeping your stuff safe, the material is very smooth for less resistance.

You can also pack quite a bit in this. 30 liters is a lot for the average packer but if you are a one bagger or travel with a lot of gear for work, this bag can be great just due to the flexibility of its size. 


With the waterproof fabric and aircraft grade aluminum, the WPRT is truly a beautiful piece of art. It's functional, gives off a secret agent feel, spacious, and comfortable on the shoulders and back. Wearers might find the bag compared to other ones, a bit big, but depending on how you see it, the bag's other features may outway the bag's flaws. 

The Black Ember WPRT is a great looking and multifunctional bag that will last a long. Is this the bag you're looking for? Are you less interested in this and more into another type of bag? 

Pick up the WPRT Minimal Pack here.

Pick up the WPRT DSLR Pack here.



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