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Product Spotlight: Magazine B

Posted by Edward Wang on
Product Spotlight: Magazine B

One of our favorite printed magazines, B is now available on UrbanCred!

Magazine B (B for short), an ad-free magazine that focuses on going in-depth behind what makes timeless brands. Started in 2011, they began with their first issue covering Freitag, a socially responsible apparel brand based out of Zürich, Switzerland. Instead of accepting advertisements to keep the magazine afloat, B ran a physical print magazine by relying solely on sales profit. Now, B is a must-read source of information for marketing and branding experts from around the world. Not only for the experts but for the students in business schools and collected by readers who just wish to further understand their favorite brands.

What's so great about it?

We love that the magazine is filled with interviews, beautiful imagery, infographics. It's such a delight to read. Each issue goes into detail about the design and branding aspects of each company. What they do and why they do it. Furthermore, each issue is a stand-alone issue just for that company. So it's chock filled with great information but also a lot of fun details that one wouldn't know otherwise. At the office, we call it a "Brand Documentary in Print."

"It's more than just a magazine. B is an influential medium that extends your knowledge while staying relevant in a time where information changes so rapidly."

It's more than just a magazine but an influential medium that extends your knowledge but stays relevant in a time where information changes so rapidly. It is bound and designed in such a way that when you have it on your coffee table, it's a talking piece, something interesting for visitors to indulge themselves with, a part of the overall design of the space it is habituating in. 

What issues do you have available? 

We currently have a limited selection available for purchase right here. The following are available as of now. The title will be hyperlinked for your convenience.

  1. Issue #42: Star Wars
  2. Issue #50 version 2: Seoul
  3. Issue #53: MUJI 
  4. Issue #56: Michelin Guide
  5. Issue #67: Kyoto 
  6. Issue #71: DJI
  7. Issue #76: Blue Bottle Coffee

If there is an issue you'd be interested in reading and would like us to pick one up in a future shipment, let us know at []. 


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