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UrbanCred Podcast Episode 05: Director at Nathan Love Animation Studios with Ellen Su [Part 2]

Posted by Edward Wang on
UrbanCred Podcast Episode 05: Director at Nathan Love Animation Studios with Ellen Su [Part 2]


For this episode, we speak with Ellen Su and she is a great many things. We take a dive into a great many things. So much in fact that we had to split this segment into two podcast episodes! We chat about how she started her journey, advice on becoming a digital artist in this day and age, the current state of the animation industry, and what you should do in terms of education when it comes down to your dream profession. 

Todays Guest: Ellen Su
A director and artist at Nathan Love, an animation studio based out of NYC. A daughter of a tough critique and vocal volunteer with dedication at sharing the knowledge she learned along the way. She's also an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts. Finally, she's had extensive freelancer experience, married to another artist, and experienced entrepreneur.

Show Notes:

In this episode, we talked about...

  • Japanese vs American Animation.
  • Her first craft market, The Lunar Market.
  • Her jewelry side gig.
  • Why she started her side gig.
  • Burn out with overwhelming work.
  • Process of creating her own products.
  • What is her art style and what inspired it?
  • Commercial work and working in different styles.
  • Lack of opportunity to draw.
  • Side Track: Being old? 
  • Being married and how it affects work life.
  • Relationships are about compromise and communication.
  • Difference between venting and looking for advice.
  • BONUS: Why did Eddy start the UrbanCred Podcast.

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