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Luna Brass Glass Vase

$25.00 $32.00

• Included: Pot and saucer
• Available in 4 in diameter and 5 in diameters.
• Pot Dimensions: φ5.0 x H4.2 x W5.8 in
• Saucer Dimensions: φ6.2 x H0.6 in
• Materials: Porcelain

Originating from Japan, Kinto has a reputation for taking the ordinary and making it into a functional design piece. The Porcelain Plant Pot is their take on what happens when nature intersects with indoor life.

LUNA is a single-flower vase featuring a brass plate that gently shines as though it is reflecting the moonlight. The plate supports leaves of plants and is suited for enjoying the hydroponic growth of succulents. As the plate can be removed, taking care of plants is easy. The glass vase can also be used on its own to display a small bouquet. The brass will age gracefully over time, adding richness and depth to your interior space.​