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HeroClip Stealth Black


  • Holds up to 60 lbs
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Pivoting joints
  • The fully rotating swivel hook ensures easy access to your gear.
  • Pivoting joints enable you to hang your gear even in tight spots.
  • The hook folds securely onto the clip when unused, keeping it compact and organized.
  • Please note that this product is designed to hold gear, not people.
  • Made from solid machine-cut aluminum with an anodized finish and composite steel for durability.
  • Material: Solid aircraft-grade machine-cut aluminum with anodized finish, composite, steel

The Heroclip Large is a sturdy gear clip that can hold up to 100 lbs. It features a rotating swivel hook that keeps gear easily accessible, pivoting joints for hanging in tight spots, and a folding hook for secure storage when not in use. Ideal for more oversized items such as kayaks, floodlights, backpacks, and paddleboards.

Holds up to 100 lbs
Dimensions: 4.1" wide, 5.24" tall (closed), 9.1" tall (open)
Weight: 3.3 oz

Holds up to 60 lbs
Dimensions: 3" wide, 3.75" tall (closed), 7.25" tall (open)
Weight: 2 oz

Holds up to 50 lbs
Dimensions: 2.4" wide, 3" tall (closed), 5.6" tall (open)
Weight: 1.1 oz

Holds up to 40 lbs
Dimensions: 1.8" wide, 2.25" tall (closed), 4.25" tall (open)
Weight: 0.7 oz






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