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Barebones Living

Wine Tumbler Set

$12.00 $18.00

• Set of 2 14-oz. wine tumblers
• Vintage-inspired design
• Shatterproof Tritan looks like glass but is lighter and more durable
• Won’t absorb odors and flavors
• BPA- and BPS-free reusable and recyclable
• 1-year limited warranty
• Dishwasher safe.
• Material: Triton
• Dimensions: 4.0” T X 3.25” W
• Weight: 0.18 lbs each

Attractive, unbreakable, and BPA free. The new Wine Tumbler Set is designed for outdoor dining but performs so beautifully it’s likely to earn a spot at your nightly dinner table. The unique Tritan material doesn’t absorb odors or flavors, so go ahead and pour your driest red––the only finish will be on your palate.

Q: What is Tritan?
A: Tritan is a high-clarity, reflective, BPA- and BPS-free polymer that is impact-resistant and recyclable.

Q: Are these reusable and/or recyclable?
A: The Wine Tumblers are intended to be used repeatedly, just like glassware. When you are ready to part with them, they can be recycled.

Q: Can I microwave the Wine Tumblers?
A: We do not recommend microwaving them.