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Behind the Scenes: NY NOW

Posted by Edward Wang on
Behind the Scenes: NY NOW

Attending NY Now, the market for home, lifestyle, handmade, and gift.

In the Behind the Scenes series takes you to trade shows, events, brands, or even just our office to see what's new and exciting in the industry. 

NY Now is a wholesale trade show focused on discovering new products, ideas, and tools to connect businesses with customers and the community. While we were able to attend, our time was limited due to us just being quite busy during that time. Therefore we were only able to roam a small portion of the show. For what we did see, we were quite excited to see awesome brands like Tactica and Orbitkey showcasing their products.


Tactica's goal was to design and create useful items that focus on the user at its core. We took a look at their original design, Tactica M.100. It has a composite body for the extremely light but durable frame with a hidden chamber for 2 1/4” hex bits (Phillips + Flat included). The surface of the item is also very tech-friendly and won't scratch your phones, tablets and etc. 

Their upcoming line was the M.250 Multitool. It comes in 3 colors: Black, Orange, and Yellow. The Tactica M250 hex drive toolkit is less versatile in the sense that it doesn't have all the bells and whistles from the M.100 but it has a full complement of 12 tool bits, a 50mm extender, and heavy-duty screwdriver socket. So you lose versatility but gain more functionality in that aspect. 


LARQ was a brand we wanted to visit and see extremely bad but we were unable to (we kind of forgot in the rush). 


If you followed along with our BTS series, you'd know that we also visited Liberty Fair earlier this year. We had seen Orbitkey there but here we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at their newest addition to their EDC collection.

The Orbitkey Nest was revealed on their Kickstarter a few days ago and we had a chance to play with it. The Nest is a sturdy and multifunctional personal organizer. It is a bit large and we thought it was a bit on the heavy side but the functionality of the Nest was more than enough to compensate for it. On the top, there is a smooth leather-like material that allows for wireless charging for your devices as well as an indentation for smaller items. When you pull back the elastic string holding the top and bottom together, it reveals an inner chamber that has its wall covered in velcro. Why velcro you ask? It's because it has these dividers that work like camera cube dividers. You can move them and adjust them in any way you'd like for flexibility on how you place your items. It really does give you different options to play with. 

What we thought about it was simple. It is definitely an all in one solution and we can envision using it by itself or in our bag. Think about this. You're commuting to work and then settle down. You pull out the Nest and you set it aside and plugin for wireless charging for your phone. You have a meeting on the other side of the building but don't need your whole bag. What do you do? You just grab your essentials in your Nest and go. Definitely similar to a Dopp kit but for your tech accessories. 

More details here


We'll be sure to stock a few of the Nests when they are done producing them and offer them here at! In addition, we'd love to bring in a few Tactica items as well. We're currently in talks but are hopeful. Have any other brands you'd like to see here? Send us a message and we'll be sure to contact them!



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