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Behind the Scenes: Project NY + Liberty Fair

Posted by Edward Wang on
Behind the Scenes: Project NY + Liberty Fair

Attending Project NY and Liberty Fair

In the Behind the Scenes series takes you to trade shows and gives you interviews with brand leaders to see why some people do what they do and where the industry is going. 

Project NY was from January 19th to the 21st while Liberty Fair was from January 20th to the 22nd. This year's show was a bit lacking as many brands we saw last year didn't make an appearance this year. Companies like Bellroy, Alchemy Equipment, and so on were a no show. Fortunately, there were a few interesting brands that we spoke with that opened up possible opportunities in the future whether it's sooner or later. 

Project NY


We met with Jamie from CLAE based out of LA, California and asked about a little bit about what makes them so special. 

In 2001, CLAE was launched out of the need for a new type of footwear. Taking classics and to modernize them to fit with today's more versatile and active lifestyle. Sounds very us eh? They emphasize everyday living without sacrificing style or comfort and I can see from touching them first hand. The soles are cushioned enough to give support and feel comfortable for long periods of walking. They feel great for running through the New York streets to catch the next subway, wearing to work, and even a night out in the town. 

We're loving the Bradley line and look forward to bring them into our collection one day. 


During the end of Project NY, we dropped by the Secrid booth. We LOVE these wallets and really want to bring them to our collection but similar to last year, they only were partnering with stores with a permanent physical presence. This year, however, they have given us a little bit of hope that they may consider otherwise but no guarantees. Regardless, we love them as a brand and the high-quality products they produce. 

Liberty Fair


Our longtime partner has produced some awesome EDC items to compliment your keys and everyday lifestyle. It had been a while since we've updated our line up and we are looking into bringing more of their newer items into our shop.

The Crazy-Horse leather Key Organizer sounds ridiculous but it's actually a highly resilient leather chosen for its durability and unique look. It is completely buffed, smoothened, and coated in a special wax that allows it to develop a unique natural patina over time. 

The Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker sold out quickly in our shop and we will be getting another shipment in soon. A collaboration with Chipolo, Orbitkey has slimmed it down to fit exclusively for its key organizers. But I can see it being tagged to other items or being nice enough for an attachment elsewhere such as a zipper tag.

Chrome Industries

Now the star of the show, Chome Industries! We've never actually considered contacting them due to assumptions that they were direct to customers. BUT meeting them at this show proved otherwise! Expect 100% UrbanCred x Chrome Industries VERY soon! Mega excited on our end. 

Our favorite bag would definitely be the Summoner Backpack. One of their biggest bags, it's a very unique design with a quality that meets our standards. It has a suitcase opening with clips for easy packing. Pockets and handles are placed in easily accessed places with great thought in the organization within. It's large enough to fit a weekend to a week full of stuff. It weighs 2.54 lbs so it can actually double as your daily carry for once you arrive at your destination. Just be sure not to pack it too heavy with stuff or carrying anything too heavy for a full day would be killer for your back. 

Our second favorite is the Mini Metro Messenger Bag. We're not huge fans of overly large bags so this is perfect for a daily carry when you're walking or biking through the city. It's so versatile and packs enough to get you through your day. It takes everything Citizen Messenger Bag is but smaller and even has the iconic buckle they have. We're loving the incognito buckle design compared to their old school classic red and silver buckle. 


Are you pumped? We certainly are. New brands working with UrbanCred soon!

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