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Essential Traveling Apps for the Frequent Flyer

Posted by Edward Wang on
Essential Traveling Apps for the Frequent Flyer

Weather is unpredictable, prices fluctuate, but travel is a must for those of us who work or just for a bit of R&R. Nowadays, the work to prep for travel has become much more manageable due to apps with you at every step of the way. From the best time to leave for the airport to the where to eat at your next destination. Here are our favorite apps to make your travels a breeze. Weather sold separately.


GeoSure: GeoSure is a very useful app for those worried about the safety of their destination. It provides safety and security scores by the city, and in some cases by neighborhood. The developers gather information from sources such as the CDC, the World Health Organization, the United Nations and local authorities to compile their scores. Great to gauge how the situation is at the destination you desire to go to. 

Price: Free Download: GeoSure

Tripit Pro: Sound familiar? You probably have heard of this app but in 2018, they changed a lot of what they offer. In addition to the usual such as notifications regarding flights, reservations, flight changes, departures, and arrivals, it's become much more than that. The app now automatically will let you know if an airline owes you money for cancellations or delays and gives the most up to date details on wait times of an expanding list of airports. Not only that; the app also offers interactive airport maps for you to help navigate you to your next coffee.

Price: Basic is Free Pro: $39 / year. Download: TripIt

TripAdvisor: Regardless of where you are in the world, most often than not, TripAdvisor will have details, reviews, pictures and information needed to make decisions on what to eat, where to stay and is it worth going/doing. This app is a huge lifesaver with so much helpful information that planning a trip anywhere will be easier with it. It also helps with last minute bookings with showing you hotel rates and how many rooms available.

Price: Free. Download: TripAdvisor

FlightRadar24: This service is a plethora of knowledge on anything airplane related. It tracks the plane of your flight and keeps you updated on where the plane is, how late it is, where it currently is and how long until it arrives. While services like TripIt are to let you know the details of your reserved flight, FlightRadar24 lets you know the details of the plane, it's route and so on. 

Price: Basic is free. Download: FlightRadar24

Yelp: If you can't find something on TripAdvisor or need a second opinion, go to Yelp. Yelp has more of a focus on food and it is a good alternative for reviews on restaraunts and other food spots. It helps that most people who review are real people with real opinions and it gives you a real sense of how the place will be like. There is also a tips section that can give advice on how to get somewhere, parking nearby or even top dishes to try!

Price: Free Download: Yelp


Hopper: Price trackers are without a doubt the best tool anyone can use to save money on every flight they hope to book. Hopper doesn't just search for the best prices, it brings them all onto an easy to view a calendar that shows via colors how expensive it is to book tickets for the selected time frame. Red? It means that the dates marked are considered expensive. Green? Prices are low and you should consider booking now. Not many offer this kind of service and it helps tremendously when booking flights. 

Price: Free. Download: Hopper

Google Maps: Google Maps is an absolute need on our list for not only just getting directions but to download offline maps, share favorite spots with family and friends, create private lists of locations, giving times for mass transit and multiple routes using multiple forms of transportation! Now (if you let it) allows direction via speech which will dictate directions without ever needing to take out your phone. Taking the train? It'll even buzz or give you a heads up on when you should leave for the airport.

Extra Tip: Pair this with an international Wifi hotspot and get directions and information everywhere you are.  

Price: Free Download: Google Maps

Do you have apps that you just have to use when you travel? Let us know and we will update the list if it's a great suggestion!

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