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Product Spotlight: Orbitkey Travel Kit & Nail File/Mirror Add-on

Posted by Edward Wang on
Product Spotlight: Orbitkey Travel Kit & Nail File/Mirror Add-on

Orbitkey focuses on bringing clever organization to your life. They believe that when life’s organized, it’s easier and better. We couldn’t say it better ourselves. They have recently released two new add-ons to their Orbitkey 2.0 collection (FYI it fits 1.0 as well.). 

Check out the details below: 

The Travel Kit Add-On - Never lose your SIM cards again.

Whether traveling for play or work, staying connected is as important as the trip itself. Trying to connect to spotty WIFI or asking a local to use their phone is probably the last thing on your mind as you descend from a red-eye flight.

Well, Orbitkey has at least solved part of the problem for you. The Travel Kit add-on allows you to swap and store your SIM cards at any time. Including a SIM tray ejector and storage for up to 2 Nano sized SIM cards, you’ll have a way to keep in contact to and from your destination.

    I fly overseas often for work and to visit my family. A few flights ago, we arrived late at night. We were tired, cold, and lost. Some convenience stores had SIM cards on hand, but not the ejectors. It made sense to design a system to help travelers stay connected wherever we go – it’s always kept safe in my pocket.” - Loke - Orbitkey Design Engineer

    Travel Kit Features:

    • Swap and store up to 2 Nano SIM cards, conveniently.
    • A handy tool for the jet-setter.
    • The kit includes a SIM tray pin ejector.
    • Compatible to work with Micro SD cards.
    • An area to fill out your contact info.

      The Nail File/Mirror Add-On - Keep your smile in check and your nails polished

      Appearance is very important when going out or meeting someone. Have a chipped nail? Polish it with the nail file side. Something in your teeth? Flip it and there’s a mirror. By using the Nail File/Mirror add-on for the Orbitkey, you won’t have to take additional stuff with you all the while keeping yourself looking good and presentable.

      "Finally! An accessory that I can use every day. It stays with me everywhere I go, regardless of which handbag I use. I find it useful for reapplying my lipstick and shaping my (always so brittle) nails on the go. One less thing to worry about.” - Vivienne - Orbitkey Customer Support & PR

      Nail File / Mirror features:

      • A convenient slim mirror
      • A versatile nail file to keep your nails smooth, made of stainless steel.
      • It takes the space of one key in the Key Organiser.


      We love the simplicity in design behind these awesome add-ons as well as the key organizers itself. Mature aesthetics, high quality, and functional. Drop by our shop to pick one up today!

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