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Better Coffee NYC: Birch Coffee

Posted by Edward Wang on
Better Coffee NYC: Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee

Coffee shops in NYC are plentiful, and the options are more than one can handle sometimes. If you enjoy Starbucks, Gregory's Coffee, Dunkin, and others, that's completely fine. They all make some pretty great coffee. Greg's makes terrific treats as well. The donuts are exceptionally AWESOME. But if you're a coffee aficionado that is into cold brews and drip coffee, here's one to check out.

Birch Coffee

750 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025

Great Scott! What aromatic coffee. Their menu consists of drip, cold brew, classics, lattes, and pour-overs — something for everyone. What we had was the Kyoto, a 12-hour drip process that gives the coffee a citrus taste that goes down easy. The minimum aftertaste and what it does leave is a subtle hint of the black liquid. 

Do you like quiet spaces and instrumental music in the background? Better take this coffee to go, but if you thrive in a loud environment, this place is pretty comfortable — a large communal table in the center and private tables on both sides. In the back are shelves of exciting books that you can pick and peruse while enjoying your coffee and treat. People from all walks of life populated the cafe. Real estate brokers, families, young, old, hip, working. There were families, friends, coworkers, and people. Everyone was sitting, enjoying a cup of joe while others rushed out the door.


That quote is the first thing you see on their website, and it's the one that genuinely represents who they are. With the quality and taste of the coffee served, it's not surprising to hear Birch Coffee has two other locations around the city. They live by giving back to and servicing the community. People first and coffee is a very close second.

Their love for their customers shows through there other media aspect through their coffee brand dubbed "Stay Regular". It's an interview video of the customers who most frequent their coffee shops. The premise is each video goes into the "regular" and his or her story with Birch Coffee. It is an enjoyable watch, and I suggest giving it a view below. 


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