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Behind the Scenes: Introducing the Forge (Updated)

Posted by Edward Wang on
Behind the Scenes: Introducing the Forge (Updated)

Introducing The Forge.

Black Ember is back!

The experts of high end, minimal incognito bags are back at it again with their newest, The Forge Pack.

Cue the oohs and ahhs.

Details. Details. Details.

The Forge. Designed as a smaller convertible bag for the commuter. For the people who are always on the move from one to the other, Black Ember looks like they hit another home run in their new Kickstarter. The Forge has everything that their previous bags have and more in a sense. They still use performance textiles, waterproof zippers, full-size ergonomic shoulder straps, laster cut Hypalon and aircraft aluminum hardware.   

"This one takes us all the way back to our first trips to Tokyo in the late 90s. Back then we discovered a multifunctional-pack that was popular in Tokyo, but we had never seen before."

This was quoted within the email that announced for The Forge. Superfans of Japan ourselves, we see the inspiration. In Japan, the staple of the salaryman is their briefcase. As time continued on, there were many innovations that changed the bag design and functionality. We see the Black Ember 3-way Forge Pack as the next step in quality, performance, and design.  

We love the details that go into each Black Ember bag. From the pictures shown, we see a few things. First, it looks like they will introduce The Forge as a single format. No more minimal or modular for this one. It's a combination of both in a smaller form factor.

It has MODS that add to the experience. Straps and handles but nothing major like pouches that add bulk and weight. In addition to the MODS for The Forge, we consider the three different ways to carry modular as well. Running to catch a plane? Strap it tight to your back. Going to be on the train for a while? Have it has a shoulder bag where you can easily access your stuff. On the subway during rush hour? Handcarry to allow for other people to fit onto the subway car...or expand to 30L and have it on your back to prevent that ;). 

The question is do you need the MODs? With earlier bags, it felt something was missing if you didn't pick one or two MODs up. But with The Forge, they actually feel like they were meant to just add to the experience. If you didn't want them, the bag looks to give a whole experience. No missing out here. 

Second, there are a lot more organizational pockets. For the Citadel line, we loved the bag but we wished there were a bit more organizational parts to it without the usage of the hardshell divider. While it is helpful in some aspect, it was hard to manage sometimes. The organization on The Forge seems to fit in more organically. It feels to be apart of the bag and not something added in. The pockets also seem to be a bit larger than the ones in the earlier bags which will allow for more flexibility on what we can fit in them. 

Within, the bag it opens clamshell both ways similar to some Dopp kits. Kind of like a specially large one. Front side has the organization, back has slots for tablets or laptops, and middle expands, which allows the pack to go from 20L to 30L in second. While in 20L form, there is a hidden extended zipper than you pull which extends the bag similar to those zippers on luggage. When extended, space acts like a smaller luggage compartment which is hugely refreshing to see.

Those are our 5 cents! We are so excited to see it up close when it is released. Take a gander below for more visual details. Click here for their Kickstarter but if you'd prefer to wait for Chase Reeves or Bos Ismono reviews before picking one up, we will be sure to have these bad boys in stock once they release. 

P.S. Thanks to Black Ember for these sneak peek images. We love you guys.  



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