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UrbanCred Update: July Edition

Posted by Edward Wang on
UrbanCred Update: July Edition

What's New?

Hey everyone! It's Ed here and this post is going to be talking about what's going on behind the scenes here at UrbanCred. 

New Brands.

You've might have heard that we're looking to bring in some new stuff! Well, it's very true. At the moment, we are still deciding just who and which products to bring in. We love a great many products and the priority is the quality and usefulness of their products. One category that is most definitely going to be expanded will be the bag selection. So keep an eye out for that.  

Here's a little preview for one of the incoming drops!


Re-Stock and Existing Brands.

For our current brands, we are bringing in some more variety such as slings, other backpacks, and etc. We've also recently restocked out CPL24s, Citadel Minimals, and added a new WPRT collection. Other out of stock items will restock in August. In addition, we've added an awesome and minimal looking cup for anything liquid a few days ago. The MUGR by HMM. Loving it in the office. 

The Trailblazer Program.

What is the Trailblazer Program? It's essentially our referral system for the people who are travelers, entrepreneurs, constant commuters, urban explorers. We want to work with exceptional people who can show the world and us how they use UrbanCred's selected gear in their work and life. The proof is needed and it gives our Trailblazers certain perks and bonuses for the work they provide. Just something to thank the ones who help us showcase and write awesome content.

It is currently in the works and will be ready to go live soon.

New People and Near Future.

We are moving spaces and bringing in fresh faces to the workspace. We hope this will lighten the load for everyone here now and keep allowing us to give the best customer service, content and curation to you. 

We've also moved warehouses! This will allow us to focus more on curation, content and customer service while the shipping and returns will be handled by its own team. Logistics is it's own nightmare sometimes and it's better off in more competent hands. 


Just a little bit about where we are now. We are continuously striving to better ourselves and what we do. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you out there!

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