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Carry Awards VII: UrbanCred Selects...

Posted by Edward Wang on
Carry Awards VII: UrbanCred Selects...

We at UrbanCred pride ourselves in keeping a lookout for the best of the best gear. While we are a smaller team compared to some other teams out there, we still love the carry concept and everything to do with awesome gear. With the Carryology Awards VII in full swing, we thought it would be fun to pick a few best in category items that we thought we pretty awesome. So without further ado, here are the 3 items that are our favorites. 

Best Everyday Bag: Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus

The Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus is great in terms of aesthetics and practical design. The bag's venture-weave polyester material is firm enough to keep shape with enough durability and flexibility to keep your stuff safe. The bag itself is water resistant. The organization is thoughtful with a balance again of minimalistic and useful pockets throughout the bag even though you don't see it right away. The straps are comfortable and the sternum straps are convenient with clasp clips as well. At 22L, it's a good size for moving around the city and as a day bag and carry-on when traveling.

Best Work Shoulder Bag: AER Travel Sling Bag

Best Sling for us is the AER Travel Sling. While many of us believe in the one bag philosophy, there are times when we need to bring a suitcase whether it's because of the stuff we after bringing (or if we are bringing empty luggage for our significant other) this travel sling is great as a companion bag for those moments.

Still, want to bring a daily carry? Then this bag also still squashes to become flat. When you get to your destination? Leave your larger pack at home and slip this around your body for a trek around town. 

Bonus: Also superb when using as a daily carry for a chill day in the city with friends.

Best Accessory: Kynsho Crossover Cowl

Kynsho Crossover Cowl. A cross between a scarf and a cowl made with wool so it keeps you warm but doesn't scratch by the way it is made. With buttons on ends that clip together when you wrap the cowl around your neck makes it extremely convenient to put on and take off. It folds flat and slips into the laptop sleeve of any bag. No bag? Roll it up and slide it into your inner coat pocket. It's both functional and is a great fashion piece. 

What did you think of our selection? Did you vote in the Carryology Carry Awards? We sure did. Be sure to vote for the finalist at and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for tips, news, and updates!

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