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What Snacks to Pack for a Flight

Posted by Edward Wang on
What Snacks to Pack for a Flight

Pack Something to Eat

Flying is already difficult enough. With the crying babies and snoring neighbors, you should at least be able to eat healthily and have something tasty in the process as well. We help you by giving you the rundown on tasty and healthy snacks for your next flight.


Nothing beats fresh fruit when soaring on a plane. Fruits are a great source of fiber and nutrients and are easy to carry as well. Try for firmer fruits so they are less likely to get smashed. Since dehydration is a real concern when flying, consider fruits that can rehydrate you mid-flight. Some recommended fruits are

  1. Banana: Great for fiber and easy to peel. 
  2. Tangerines: Sweet with Vitamin C and with a tougher than most skin means it stays intact longer.
  3. Apples: A hard fruit but juicy crunch and helps with digestive problems.
  4. Oranges: Larger than Tangerines and a good alternative. They usually aren't as sweet but more satisfying with Vitamin C as well.
  5. Dragon Fruit: If you cut them up and place them in a container, they are a delicious treat to have as well. High in fiber and very nutritious.
  6. Grapes: Be sure to get the ones without seeds. Sweet and hydrating. Definitely requires a container for the stem and preventing squishing of the fruit.

Be sure to always pick fruits with skin. It's just overall more convenient as the skin acts as a layer of protection from the outside. If not, be sure to prep the fruit in containers and keep them in the fridge. Just don't forget them! Finally, eat all the fruits you have before passing through customs at your destination. 

Granola Bars

We love packing bars in our carry-on. These are usually packed with fibers, protein, and healthy fats that keep you full for longer. Pick the right one, it also keeps the shape and easy to eat. Some of us at the office enjoy granola bars while others love fruit and nut bars. Here are some we usually take on our flights.

  1. RXBars: 12 grams of protein and decent taste depending on flavor. Really feel good after eating one. Worth a taste first before buying a bunch.
  2. KIND Bars: The most popular among our team but has the lowest amount of protein. It sure is tasty too and comes in a mini size (Which is AWESOME for travel). 
  3. Tone It Up Protein Bars: 10 grams of plant-based protein and easy to stash.
  4. Caveman Foods: Paleo certified and tastes really good. Like yum.


Similar to fruits, grab vegetables that are easy to grab, firm and crunchy. Again be sure to eat all of the vegetables before passing through customs.

  1. Carrots: Classic. Tastes good with or without dip. Easy to hold or even better chopped up in a container.
  2. Celery: Filling and tasty with the right dip.
  3. Sugar Snap Peas: Crunchy but quieter than carrots. Slightly sweet and can handle being in your bag for long periods of time.


Depending on who you ask, pretzels could be great or terrible. For us here at UC, we love a good bag of pretzels. Prepackaged and lightly salted. The ones we always pack are the Trader Joes Gluten-Free Pretzels. Our straight up top favorite ones. 


Jerky is delicious and packs a good amount of protein to keep you fuller, longer. They come in different flavors and lasts an extremely long time. Good to toss into your luggage and forget until you're starved.

  1. Nick's Sticks: Good and affordable jerky. Grass-fed, pastured birds, and minimal processing so no chemicals.
  2. Mighty Meat Sticks: Little more expensive but high quality and tastes pretty delish.
  3. Epic Bars: Interesting packaging with deeply nutritious ingredients. Keeps you full for long periods of time. 
  4. Brooklyn Biltong: The best of the best. Tastes great, made with simple and natural ingredients, really just satisfying. What isn't satisfying is the price tag. These bad boys are delicious but also expensive. 

Protein Powder

Protein Powder is just convenient. All you need is have a ziplock or pouch with it and add water. Just mix and voila, protein drink that will keep you full for most of the flight as well as hydrate you. The main convenience is how little space the powder takes up and how light it is in your carry-on.


Honestly, we don't recommend ramen for the plane. It's filled with chemicals, small portion, hot, filled with sodium, leaves you with garbage and soup to deal with. Just a bad choice compared to everything else. YET, it's a guilty pleasure of our group. All you need is hot water and the fancier ones come with a fork. If not, ask for one or bring your own.  

*Guilty Pleasure selection. 


Vacation is fun. Long flights are not. Long flights while being hungry are worse. So make sure to stock up on treats so that you don't get too hangry on your flight. 

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