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Product Preview: The Bose Wearables

Posted by Edward Wang on
Product Preview: The Bose Wearables

The newest in wearable tech by Bose!

The UrbanCred team love gear of all kinds from the toughest bags to feature packed tech gadgets. The best often elevate our lives through minimalism and makes our carry easier, lighter and more efficient. Our newest series offers insight on the industries newest releases that interest us and believe will be game changers in how we live in the urban environment. 

Today we are introducing the audio giant Bose and their version of the stylish shades. Yet there is more there than meets the eye with this cool accessory. At $200, these sunglasses coming in 2 versions, round (Rondo) or square (Aldo) and are each built within the arms of the frames. What sets these apart from the techy glasses are that they look much closer to a pair of Warby Parkers than a Google Glass or Snapchat Spectacles. 

The features of the Wearables by Bose have:

  • Open-ear audio
  • Bluetooth
  • Integrated microphone
  • UVA/UVB protection
  • Lightweight design
  • Bose AR

When you're traversing a foreign city or commuting to your next destination, it's generally best to keep things to a minimum. Clutter your head too much and it just gets plain uncomfortable. So these are great as they combine two of the most used items into one package. We can see them in use when traveling and while listening for directions. There are many different ways to apply them and it's mostly gotten us excited. Most items that combine two ideas are often done in such a way that the quality of both is diminished. Not for these. Bose has done a great job and we look forward to the Bose AR that will be introduced in the future.







What Others Are Saying:

• “As a debut effort, the Bose Frames are more than just a novelty — at least they actually work. But not well enough yet. Plus, you probably shouldn’t be wearing your sunglasses at night or at the gym (unless you’re super thick-skinned), which kind of limits their usefulness. Bose says it intends to make prescription lenses or clear options available as well as implement the audio technology into other formats like bike or ski helmets. But for now, you’re better off just waiting for a second-generation model or the promised updates.” — Cherlynn Low, Engadget

• “The Bose Frames are the coolest headphones you didn’t know you needed, and their $199 price places them within (relative) reach. Now that I’ve had a chance to try them on and take them for a spin, without being on a guided tour, as I was last year, I’ve gained a serious respect for Bose for making Frames a reality.” — Henry T. Casey Tom’s Guide

• “We think that the Bose Frames are the first smart glasses that are worth it, especially if you’re the type of person who is constantly listening to music or podcasts. Obviously, you could just wear regular sunglasses and headphones together, instead of shelling out $200 for them.” — Brandon Carte, Best Products


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