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Porsche x Star Wars: "The Designer Alliance"

Posted by Edward Wang on
Porsche x Star Wars: "The Designer Alliance"

Porsche joins forces with LucasFilms to create the next iconic star ship for Star Wars.

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker being released worldwide this week, Porsche released a video showcasing designers from both sides working together to create a new star ship for the Star Wars universe. 

"It is thrilling to infuse Star Wars with Porsche styling to create an iconic new spaceship that could exist both on Earth or in the cinematic universe.”

The entire project took two months to complete. While much effort and time goes into designing and creating a car, so does it take to create a ship design as well. While the end result is very cool to see, it's the process behind the ship that is even more intriguing. Just seeing the behind scenes and the beginning to end steps is awesome.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker releases in theaters December 20th.

Check out the video below.

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