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Travel: NYC to Canada on the new Empire State Trail

Posted by Edward Wang on
Travel: NYC to Canada on the new Empire State Trail

The Ultimate New Experience in New York on the Empire State Trail


There truly is never a dull moment in New York City once you know all the best bustling locations to spend your free time at. However, honestly speaking, since we’re only human we may get tired or bored of seeing the same sights and attractions over time. Luckily for us New Yorkers, we can escape to where it feels like we’re no longer in New York as we pass the woods, lakes, wetlands, farmlands, small hamlets on the state’s diverse trail. A new trail that had recently opened as of December 31, 2020 allows you to walk from Manhattan, New York all the way to Canada. You’d be in for quite a trip as it’s not just a one-day event so pack your bags wisely. Take the challenge in completing America’s longest multi-use state trail and you’ll find the end result to be so fulfilling you wouldn’t mind revisiting it again if you could at some point.

This new 750-mile trail, known as The Empire State Trail, is especially great for those who want a break from the city life while staying physically active and not succumb to staying inside a 700 square feet apartment. Construction began in 2017 and it’s quite the surreal perfect timing for it to be completed during this difficult time the world is currently living in. It took 400 miles of disconnected off-road trails to be linked, along with building more than 180 miles of new off-road trails. Traveling casually at low-speed on rural roadways and city streets is now possible, safe, and easily accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. Additionally, 45 gateways and trailheads were installed along the route with bike racks, benches, signage, and interpretive panels for an inviting welcome to visitors. Thus, 75% of the Empire State trail is off-road which is ideal for travelers without a car. Although the trail shares a path with cars, you’re able to follow alongside the adventure by walking, hiking, running, bicycling, and even skiing in winter months among other forms of transportation. Trekking through this will definitely be on many of you guys’ to do list once the pandemic is over whether you’re from New York or just visiting.

There are three main sections that the Empire State Trail consists of which are the Hudson Valley Greenway Trail, the Erie Canalway Trail, and the Champlain Valley Trail. The trail’s southernmost entry is located in Manhattan’s Battery Park and will span through both the Hudson Valley and Champlain Valley all the way to the Canadian border through Rouses Point, NY. The Hudson Valley Greenway Trail allows you to travel vertically which extends from south to north through the Hudson Valley via Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, Kingston, and Hudson to Albany. From Albany, you can continue north on the off-road Champlain Valley through Peebles Island State Park, Comstock, Plattsburgh to Rouses Point, on the Canadian border which is a short distance from Montreal, or you can head west on the Erie Canalway. The Eerie Canalway allows for west to east travel across the state of New York which takes you through Western New York and above the Finger Lakes via Utica, Syracuse, and Rochester, ending in Buffalo Harbor State Park, by the Canadian border closer to Toronto. Rest assured there are restrooms, parking spots, amenities, and attractions along the way and nearby as well so you thankfully don’t have to become a daredevil overnight.

Aside from walking and biking, you can partake in other various activities during your preferred length of stay. You may find yourself enjoying horse riding, picnicking, camping, staying at overnight lodges, and even visiting the breweries and wineries. One of the many activities established encourages visitors to stop by breweries within 10 miles of the Empire State Trail all throughout the 750-mile route around the state. At each brewery, visitors can digitally check-in on the Empire State Trail Brewery Passport through the New York Craft Beer App, earning stamps as they go. Additionally, there are hundreds of historic sites, cultural attractions, and museums to enrich your ever-expanding knowledge of New York’s past. There’s just always something intriguing for anyone whether it’s the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum, Buffalo Canalside, Boscobel House & Gardens, and Walkway Over the Hudson to name a few.

With the newly created trail serving to boost outdoor recreation while encouraging healthy lifestyles for locals and tourists alike, it will add on to the numerous features of what makes New York a remarkable place to be. Strikingly, the hype doesn’t end there. Another major project was recently finished this month for New Yorkers called the Long Island Greenway which is the extension to the Empire State Trail that adds 175 miles from Manhattan to Montauk to really make it the ultimate trail. The Empire State Trail will be a favorite among many for years to come. New York’s landscapes are a wonderful sight to see — don’t forget to take pictures while you’re there!

Prior to your trip, be sure to check out the official website for each segment on the map to give you details on each of its length, terrain, condition, and public services.


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