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UC Podcast Ep. 8: Founder of Kynsho w/ George Crichlo‪w‬

Posted by Edward Wang on
UC Podcast Ep. 8: Founder of Kynsho w/ George Crichlo‪w‬
For this episode, we chat with George Crichlow. He is the founder of Kynsho, a brand that designs and manufactures men's accessories that compliments the wearer. Both function and fashionable. As someone who is hustling and working hard to make his dreams a success. We go into the decisions and why he created Kynsho. We also talk about the idea and beliefs behind it. 

Todays Guest: George Crichlow
As a headstrong and strong-willed creator, George values hard work, design, and learning. He strives to always learn and loves building things with his own hands. As someone who walked the road for his company from the start with just his own savings to now, we get a deep insight into his life and how his process was.

Show Notes:

In this episode, we talked about...

  • How we met.
  • The meaning behind the name, Kynsho.
  • How did Kynsho start?
  • How does Batman factor into this?
  • Responsibility and focus.
  • The fear of starting companies and how to get over it.
  • If you had a choice would you redo your past decisions?
  • What does Kynsho represent and express?
  • To "hurry and fail" mentality.
  • Being smaller allows for you to be more nimble.
  • The process of creating a complex project such as his custom moped bike.
  • How many styles did he start with?
  • The process behind jumping from one style or product line to another.
  • Thought process behind his newest products.
  • Advice for budding entrepreneurs.
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