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UC Podcast Ep. 09: Life in Japan w/ Maya Sause

Posted by Edward Wang on
UC Podcast Ep. 09: Life in Japan w/ Maya Sause

For this episode, we chat with Maya Sause. Living in Tokyo, Japan for a few years now, she has experienced what it's like as an insider and outsider. As a fan of Japan and its culture as a whole, we talk about the difficulties and differences living there compared to what it's like living in the West. 

Todays Guest: Maya Sause
Maya has her hand in multiple things. Whether it's modeling, teaching, working on her own business, and working with others for an architecture project, she always strives to try something new. Her latest, Kagami Collection, is a line of lamps that work with unique washi paper to give your home a more traditional experience and feel.

Show Notes:

In this episode, we talked about...

  • Who is Maya?
  • Overworking culture.
  • Entrepreneurship and Visas.
  • Why stay in Japan?
  • What influenced the decision to live long term in Japan?
  • Cons to living in Japan.
  • Bureaucracy and paperwork are a huge pain.
  • Maya's experience with getting a driver's license in Japan.
  • Teaching jobs are a stepping stone to another job.
  • Experiencing the culture vs living long term.
  • The need to adapt to the culture.
  • Social conformity within Japanese society. 
  • Benefits of being a "Gaijin".
  • Requirements to moving to Japan.
  • What is a Suica & Pasmo Card?
  • Clothing sizes compared to the West.
  • Finish your food!
  • Some final advice from Maya.
  • Her Kagami Collection.

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