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UrbanCred Podcast Episode 03: Miniature Sneaker Designer of Haute Hero with Chris Pin

Posted by Edward Wang on
UrbanCred Podcast Episode 03: Miniature Sneaker Designer of Haute Hero with Chris Pin


The UrbanCred Podcast Episode 03: Haute Hero with Chris Pin

Episode Summary
For this episode, we speak with the Haute Hero's sneaker designer about the origins, positioning, and the struggles of running a business. 

Sometimes ideas come to us when we least expect it and when it does, it requires us to rethink the industry...or at least our own. We talk about how difficult it is to start something, have it be successful, and moving forward from that success. We talk about relationships and advice from others as well as improving yourself not only through experience but through constant learning through others via books. Because sometimes the next step is a book away.

Todays Guest: Chris Pin
Chris is the founder and owner of Haute Hero, a clothing designer, husband, and constant reader. Living in New York City, he is always working on his brand and learning so that he can better compete in the market. With fans all over the world and being showcased on numerous on-air shows, Chris is always looking to the next step.

Show Notes:

In this episode, we talked about...

  • How did Haute Hero start?
  • Intricacies of sneaker design.
  • What the right partner adds to the mix.
  • Differentiation allows for your own market.
  • Anecdotes.
  • Why cheaper isn't so easy.
  • Easy consumption.
  • Quality and materials.
  • Debunking the clothing industry.
  • Advice for someone to start their own brand?
  • Books for expanding your knowledge.

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