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Hyphenate is first and foremost a brand representing hyphenated cultures. Everyone has a hyphen in their identity, to some it's more obvious than others.
Hyphenate embraces everyone's diverse roots and encourages everyone to find strength and wisdom from their own unique heritage.

Hyphenate's ethos is reflected in our products: tough exterior to survive harsh environments, super practical utility to adapt quickly, and bright colors to represent the vibrant cultures and traditions that we carry. 

They're a travel-streetwear brand that is counter-balancing the lack of quality and durability in streetwear with a lasting build and materials.

They're also counter-balancing the over-the-top gadgets and features of travel wear and travel gear with radical simplicity.


As we source the world for the best gear, there will be times where we will offer exclusive pre-order discounts or bonuses.

Stock is often limited and we cycle through products and brands depending on certain criteria. 

These pre-order campaigns are often to celebrate the newest addition or restock of the most popular to our collection and to thank you for your support.  

A big THANK YOU from us to you and we hope to continue to see you. Thanks for the support!

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SAVE 15% off during this Pre-Order period. Orders are expected to ship in Mid September 2021.

Cannot combine with other offers. Pre-Orders are excluded from other offers. The price will revert to the full price once in stock. Every order comes with a free Hyphenate journal.

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Hyphenate [Pre-Order] Street-Slang 3.5