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Seigaiha Stealth - Heroclip x Carryology [Limited Edition]


• A compact carabiner with an additional rotating hook for hanging your gear
• Built-in rubber grip allows you to use numerous surfaces for hanging on natural and manmade anchor points as well as flat surfaces
• Hook rotates out of the way to lie flush with the carabiner when not needed
• Wide carabiner clip accommodates larger gear easily
• Designed for travel, camping, hiking, and everyday situations
• Limited edition Carryology version in a sleek black and chrome colorway
• Laser-engraved with a “seigaiha” wave pattern, which is a symbol of good luck
• Supports loads up to 60 pounds
• This product is not for climbing

Representing a die-hard community of EDC enthusiasts, Carryology has the uncanny ability to discover the absolute best tools, accessories, and goods you should be carrying on your person at any given moment.

Their latest collaboration is a limited, stealthed-out version of the crazy useful HeroClip. A carabiner with a literal twist, it can support a load of up to 60 pounds to hook your gear just about anywhere, from tree branches to desks, bathroom stalls, or bar tops. Built from burly, aircraft-grade aluminum, you’ll run out of ideas on where to use it before it ever gives up on you.