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Behind the Scenes: Evergoods Civic Half Zip 22L

Posted by Edward Wang on
Behind the Scenes: Evergoods Civic Half Zip 22L

Introducing The CIVIC Half Zip 22L.

Famous for their CPL24, EVERGOODS are back at it again. They’ve recently released their CIVIC Half Zip 22L bag and let me tell you. It looks EPIC.

If you didn’t know, let us give you a refresher. The founders, Jack and Kevin, one from GORUCK and the other from Patagonia, launched with their CPL24 and their company EVERGOODS. Since then, we’ve seen them launch Mountain Panel Loader, 40L Civic Transit Bag and even revised their best seller CPL24 for 2019. People from around the world have become fans (including ourselves) and eager to see what they would produce next.

Well, no need to wait any longer. Introducing the CIVIC Half Zip 22L, also known as the CHZ22. How does it look? Let’s take a peek.



  • Shell fabric: 500d High Tenacity Nylon 6,6 with Air Textured Yarn and Water Repellent Finish
  • Lining: 420d HT nylon with PU coating
  • Stretch textile: 4-way mechanical stretch, excellent abrasion resistance, mountain apparel grade quality
  • Shoulder pad foam: Zote EV50
  • Frame Sheet: HDPE
  • Zippers: YKK #10RC and #8RC with DWR finish


  • Volume: 22L
  • Weight: 2.25lbs (1021g)
  • Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 11in (46x20x28cm)


  • Hand wash only
  • Line dry out of direct sunlight


  • Lifetime

What Makes it Familiar?

The CHZ22, short for Civic Half Zip 22L. This bag is designed with the purpose of being your daypack for your commute around the city. What makes this similar to the CPL24?

  • It still used the same material for the shell and lining, zippers and shoulder straps.
  • The laptop pocket is for your laptop (obviously) but it’s also where you put the hydration bladder if you choose to use one.
  • The interior security pocket is in the same spot with a patch showing some information about that bag.
  • The interior color is their classic silver-grey color to allow for easier searching of your stuff.



Being a day bag, it’s focused on holding your essentials without overweighing you. We can see it being great for bicycling, day hike, commuting, and spending a day exploring your destination. Sizing wise, think of a classic school bag. The CPL24 was a good size for traveling or short trips but was too large for a daily carry. The CHZ22 looks to be the right size.

Exterior Pocket

One of the biggest things is the addition of "water" pockets on the sides of the bag. One on each side, they are made with an elastic material which allows for bottles of different sizes. This also means that anything that isn’t a bottle can also fit snuggly. No need for anything in those pockets? Just leave them be and they’ll pull back to hug the bag. What if you put something in and it slips out? The pockets also have an elastic edge that helps keep the things you put in the pocket, stay there.

Some ideas on what to put in the pockets.

  • Gloves
  • Bottles
  • Umbrellas
  • Sunglasses
  • U-Lock
  • Clothing
  • Battery Pack

Interior Security Pocket

Like the CPL24, it is located above the main compartment and can fit an Apple Macbook power brick and some smaller things. It’s best to keep important and/or fragile stuff here.

Interior Utility Webbing

Opposite of the interior security pocket, there are two straps that allow for the clipping or stowing of small items. It also allows pouches from other brands or organizer panel.

Some ideas on what to put here

  • Pens or Pencils
  • Pouches
  • HeroClip or Carabiners
  • Pocket Knife
  • Multi-tool
  • Flashlight
  • Tile Tracker
  • Selfie Stick (Please don’t.)

The Interior Cavity

The biggest difference in this bag compared to their other bags is right in the name. The “half zip” design was chosen partly due to the side exterior pockets but also to keep the stuff in the bag from falling all over the place while the bag is sat up.

The bag is shaped in a way that when you open the bag, it’s a thinner space but is larger the deeper you go. The silver-grey lining allows for an easier time looking for your gear. It seems like the best way to put your things inside is to not stack on top of each other but to line them up next to each other. We’d suggest placing your things next to each other while placing a single larger item on top such as windbreaker, sweater, lunch, a bag with a change of clothes for the gym, or a gift for a friend. Those items are often used right away where you’ll take them out during the day or easy to take out to access deeper items.

Exterior Quick Access Pocket

Now this is the feature that we’re extremely excited about (What? We carry dorks.) This pocket was intelligently engineered to be placed above the shoulder straps so that it doesn’t take away from the space of the main compartment. Genius! In addition, there’s an orange key strap that is now easier to access. While I personally don’t use the strap for keys (I attach a small pouch for chapstick and eye drops), it is easier to reach for whatever you attach.

Laptop Pocket

The sleeve is elevated from the bottom of the bag for protection from sudden drops. The sleeve is elastic and contours to the shape of the laptop.  So that means that regardless of the size of the laptop (max is 15 inches by the way), the pocket hugs it against the back panel.

Alternatively, you can also insert a hydration bladder. Right and left strap compatible, the tube length is adjustable and can be withdrawn or stowed easily.

When will you be getting them?

Expect them in our shop around October to November 2019. We will announce on our social media and newsletter as well as open up pre-orders before then. So follow us on IG @urbancred_official or FB @urbancred.

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P.S. A big thanks to Evergoods for producing this awesome bag!

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