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Product Spotlight: BR2 Travel Rest Pillow

Posted by Edward Wang on
Product Spotlight: BR2 Travel Rest Pillow

Introducing the BR2 Travel Rest Pillow.

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Bullbirds Gear, a group of people who set out to create gear that helps make travel a better experience for everyone. They started with their first creation, the BullRest, and launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to great success. By partnering with medical product engineers, chiropractors, and even world-class athletes, it ensured that their products performed exceptionally. In 2018, they took the feedback from backers and customers to design a revised and updated version dubbed, the BR2. 

Why this over a random neck rest you get from an airport? Here is a mini-review for you to get to know the BR2.

Let's take a deeper dive. 


The features and specs are listed below:

  • Ergonomically designed for better comfort and alignment
  • High-performance moisture-wicking, grease-resistant fabrics
  • One-size-fits-most (built to fit 90% of adults)
  • Easy to pack and small enough to fit into any carry-on
  • Hand-washable
  • Weight: 6.5oz
  • Dimensions: 171 x 120 x 124mm 

Each BR2 comes with the following:

  1. BR2 Travel Rest 
  2. Integrated Strap-System
  3. Microfiber Carrying Pouch
  4. Clip-on Carabiner
  5. Lifetime Guarantee

What's Good?

We love the form factor, small footprint, and comfort. The BR2 compared to your normal neck rest has a lot going for it. For us, the memory foam neck rests are often too firm, even after many uses. The bean bag ones and the normal foam ones either sink too deep or causes our necks to be stiff and sore at the end of a 12-hour flight. The overpriced ones at the airports are worse as they are mass-produced to be cheap for them and both pricey and super uncomfortable for you.

The size and shape allow for easy stowing in your bag. The normal neck rests can be squished into a bag but honestly, the BR2 makes it way more convenient. While squeezing and pulling the bag over the normal neck rest, the BR2 is just pulling out and putting it on. The struggle with putting away a neck rest is gone. 

"It's great how the BR2 contours and hits my neck and supports my spine. I always hated neckrests cause they actually made the flight more uncomfortable. Ironic right? The BR2 really changes it up for me. The one anti-pillow to rule them all."

The contoured design allows for shifting the BR2 to fit your neck. The BR2's engineered frame supports your skull and aligns your neck - eliminating travel pains (during & after the fact). The design also allows for airflow in the back which reduces sweaty necks. Even better, when you get someone who's constantly heading to the bathroom, the integrated strap system keeps it on you instead of being knocked onto the floor.  

BR2 Strap

BR2 Usage Tips

The BR2 is the travel pillow redesigned for the modern traveler. It works by placing the rests' sides between your neck and lay back against a headrest, the force of your neck against the BR2 and BR2 against the seat's headrest keeps the BR2 in place.  

The BR2 functions by supporting your occiput against your trapezius, which keeps your C1-C7 vertebrae in correct alignment as you rest, read, and relax. Unlike most travel pillows that use beads or foam and collapse over time, the BR2 is engineered to retain its integrity, whilst allowing the tri-blend memory foam to conform to your head shape.

Take Note. 

While most people can use the BR2 Travel Pillow right out of the terminal without feeling discomfort, a small number of people find that the BR2 takes a little training to get used to. Everyone is built differently and the BR2's tri-blend memory foam needs time to conform to people's posture, spinal alignments, and neck lengths.

The BR2 may not be the best fit for you:

• If you love folding up your pillow and using it on your side or the tray table in front of you.
• If you are so tall that the back of your head does not come in contact with the headrest of most seats.

 BR in use

Who is this for?

This is a must-have for the seasoned traveler who is constantly on the move. It's especially important for people who travel for long periods of time. Even worse, red-eye flights. The biggest issue with flying or just being stationary for twelve hours is often just not being comfortable. The BR2 may not completely solve that problem but it makes the experience a much better one. Worry less about comfort and worry more about what movie you'll be watching on your next flight.

What other people are saying.

"After a much delayed longer than usual flight, I can say with certainty that this is the BEST Travel Pillow I've owned. My neck was supported and my back and whole body felt aligned during the flight."

"The Bullbird 2 provides effective and comfortable support that has served me well on numerous long haul flights. It’s also light, compact and stylish. I highly recommend it."

"I love it so much I use it at home while I'm lounging on the couch watching TV, and in bed propped up and reading a book."

BR2 in Bag

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