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Pricing Update for Able Carry

Posted by Edward Wang on
Pricing Update for Able Carry

Pricing Update for Able Carry

As many of you know (or don't know), the state of the shipping world is in a bit of chaos. With the COVID-19 going around the world, major ports and factories are closed. Shipping couriers are also not shipping to certain countries or are restricting inbound shipments. Therefore product restocks and shipping have increased. For many international brands we work with, pricing will increase for those to cover costs such as customs and shipping. 

This has affected the following:

  • Able Carry Max
  • Able Carry Daily
  • Able Carry Thirteen

Rest assured that we are working to keep costs low as possible for you and always working to re-adjust the price of our products. 

Also note that international shipping costs will change but we are currently still surveying the situation. We will not change the shipping costs until further observation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


*Last updated - March 31st 2022

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