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The UrbanCred Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Edward Wang on
The UrbanCred Holiday Gift Guide

The UrbanCred Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again. What are we supposed to pack and give for the holidays? Yes, this year is a challenging ride, for some more than others. So why not make the gift count?

But if we want to make it count, where do we start? Let us help break it down with some ideas. Let's make your friends and family speechless. Follow along with our holiday gift guide, and let's rock this holiday.

For the Traveler:
A long flight to Milan or a trek through Tokyo, the traveler is always on the move. These are the warriors who need gear that can keep up regardless of where they are.

The Citadel R2 Minimal Pack – The design is so minimal and sleek; you'll look good while being incognito. The outside is 100% waterproof, while the interior provides a large space to customize your loadout. Memory foam straps allow for all-day comfort. Hike through rain, and you'll be amazed how well this bag keeps your belongings inside safe and dry. 

Citadel R2 Minimal Pack: $225 > $180

The Forge  
While the Citadel gives you a large space to pack and stack the way you want, the Forge offers many organization pockets and slots. Different compartments allow for dividing up your stuff with loads of details throughout that help guide your packing.

The Forge: $265 > $212
The Forge 20: $235 > $188

Packable Water Bottle – What item should you sacrifice out on not bringing with you? Packing dilemmas are no more with a water bottle that can quickly flatten down when not in use. A lockable bite valve with a removable cap, full-length straw, and comfortable fill zipper bottom is what makes this a truly PRO water bottle.

Packable Water Bottle: $30

For the Businessman:

For the entrepreneur or 9-5er. These guys are always moving, literally and metaphorically. They don't have time to stop, and they're still on the lookout for the next big thing. Why not supply them with gear that won't break down so they can keep hustling?

The Dayfarer Backpack – One of our more business looking backpacks. Formal looking enough for the office with great organization and fidlock clasp for easy access. A dedicated water bottle pocket and comes in two materials. The Classic and the VX21 Limited Edition. Not sure which one? We recommend the classic for normal usage everyday use and the VX21 for places like London or Seattle where it rains more than other places. 

Classic: $175 > $140
VX21 (Sold out elsewhere): $220 > $154

The Nest | Portable Desk Organizer – Imagine this. You just arrived at your workspace, and you plop your bag on the floor. Pull out your laptop, nest organizer, and coffee thermos. Boom, you're ready to start your day. There is no need to rummage for a mouse, charging wire, apple pen, earphones, etc.; they're all right there in your Nest! Customizable and even comes with a built-in wireless charger.

The Nest: $110 > $88

RIKR Range Laptop Bag – A laptop bag that adapts to your travel will protect your laptop through a packed commute full of bumps. Business people and laptop owners alike will appreciate the carry versatility thanks to the detachable shoulder strap while swiftly accessing external and internal pockets. Currently available for Pre-Order and an exclusive price until the end of November. Available in 12 in, 13 in, and 15 in. 

RIKR Range Laptop Bag (Pre-Order Exclusive Pricing): $125 > $106

KeySmart Pro w/ Tile Tracking – We get it, so many things on our mind, and we misplace our keys or phone from time to time. With this PRO organizer, you get more than what you asked for – a key organizer, Bluetooth tracker via TILE, bottle opener, and ultra-bright LED light, and it's all in one rechargeable device. You won't lose your keys ever again.

KeySmart Pro w/ Tile Tracking: $50 > $40


For the Gym Enthusiast:
Flex and lift. No dumbbells' here, you can get that from the gym. For everything else, we got you. 

The Bomber Duffle Bag Bundle – This bundle gives you a waterproof duffel and a dopp kit to keep your bathroom essentials. The bag itself is very lightweight, weighing at less than 1lb. Not only that, it can be collapsed into the dopp kit for easy storage or giving you an extra bag to pack things when you're traveling. Multifunctional at it's core. 

Bomber Duffle Bag Bundle: $130 > $30

KOLD. 24 Bottle – 24 oz of water goodness for those hard work outs. Ice cold water during a sweaty set of reps makes pushing yourself to the next level easier. Not a problem because this will keep your liquid cold for 24 hours and up. This Water Bottle is double-walled and vacuum insulated so you can focus on what matters.

KOLD. 24 Bottle: $30 > $10


The Dayfarer Backpack – Surprised to see this one again? Shouldn't be. This bag also has a compartment below to hold either clothes or shoes. It's great to go from work to the gym and home afterwards and this bag can do it all. 

Classic: $175 > $140
VX21 (Sold out elsewhere): $220 > $154


Portable Quick-Dry Shower Towel – The name speaks for itself. Best of all, this towel has an antimicrobial fabric coating so that it will stay fresher than your average towel.

Portable Quick-Dry Shower Towel: $35 


The Bicyclist:
With COVID and being locked inside all the time, riding a bike through the city or pass the water is really appealing. We have a few things that can help make that time even more comfortable. 

Chrome Cycling Gloves – No time for excuses for not fitting in your gym routine. Find other ways to get physical activity in, like riding a bike while you're outside. These tough gloves also have touchscreen fingertips so, no texting while biking accidents, please!

Chrome Cycling Gloves: $30 > $21


Kadet Sling Bag BLCKCHRM 22X Limited Edition
This sling is perfect for the days where you want to carry your essentials and a bit more. Being water repellent and tear-resistant, it can keep up with your daily adventures throughout the city. With a robust organization within for your smaller items and a dedicated slot for your bike lock, you'll be set for the whole day.

Kadet Sling Bag BLCKCHRM 22X Limited Edition: $90 > $72

Code of Bell Annex Case
This mini sling is genuinely for the minimalist. Carry just what you need. No more and no less. Phone, cards, cash and out the door. Sometimes simplicity is exactly what you need. 

Annex Case | 3-Way Travelers Wallet: $99 > $79

For the Chef Connoisseur:
Whether you're a beginner or looking forward to streamlining your cooking process, the perfect kitchen cookware will up your A-game.

Kakomi Donabe Clay Pot, 1.2L – Make your meals fast and in style. This modern design takes on the traditional Japanese clay pot and allows for easy steaming, stewing, and simmering. Bonus: It comes with a steam plate as well. 

Kakomi Donabe Clay Pot, 1.2L: $95 > $62


Soma 10-Cup Pitcher – Get your kitchen etiquette down to every detail. This pitcher is shatterproof and BPA-free. Only filtered and refreshing water is allowed in this household. 

Soma 10-Cup Pitcher: $40 > $32

Fog Porcelain Plate – Acquiring that five-star restaurant look and feel means owning the best tableware too. The pieces are elegantly embossed with a unique line and are functional for daily use. FOG features matte, greyish tones to portray a misty morning.

Fog Porcelain Plate: $15 > $12

For the Readers:
The following are some great gift ideas for those who're eager to step up their knowledge or want to keep up with their favorite brands.

Magazine B – is a monthly publication from Korea dedicated to showing the history, identity, and design process of an iconic brand in each issue. Some of our favorites include Issues #42 – Star Wars and #46 – Pantone, as well as Issues #50v2 – Seoul and #67 – Kyoto. There's always something new to learn, and these magazines provide stunning visuals, insightful context, and articulate charts.

Magazine B: $27 > $14

Hey Gents – With a focus on beautiful design and unique experiences, each issue of HEY GENTS Magazine features interviews with creative talents, travel recommendations, useful guides, striking photography, and careful curation of exciting products. Dive into the simple yet complex content with Hey Gents to gain new perspectives on your favorites. Some of our favorites include Issues #2 - #5.

Hey Gents: $27 > $11

Glass Travel Straw – A good read while being accompanied by your favorite drink hits the spot. With a silicone-lined protective case that fits neatly in your bag and a custom-fit squeegee tool for cleaning, you won't forget to stay hydrated while getting lost in the pages.

Glass Travel Straw: $15 > $12

For Everyone:
What if you're doing Secret Santa and ended up with someone who you don't personally know? They will well appreciate the following items.

CleanTray UV Sterilization Case – Stay up to date with technology and make life simpler. Clean your everyday essentials at home or on the go. You can even add essential oils to infuse your favorite scent to your belongings for an even fresher feeling.

CleanTray UV Sterilization Case: $100 > $60

FLÎKR Mini Fireplace 2.0 – Feel the warmth and feel the delight. Roast marshmallows comfortably indoors without the excess mess. Set it up with a drop of rubbing alcohol and enjoy some smores right next to your friends, family, or significant other.

FLÎKR Mini Fireplace 2.0: $95 > $59

Shopping Tote 2.1 – Honestly, some of those reusable shopping bags just don't cut it. They break after a few uses, or they're slightly uncomfortable to carry. The Shopping Tote 2.1 will be great for anyone out on a last-minute food run. Available for Pre-Order with an exclusive pricing until the end of November. 

GroundTruth Shopping Tote 2.1: $28 > $24

Citizen Chrome Mask 2-Pack – With two layers of 100% cotton canvas, these masks are adjustable around the ears, allowing maximum comfort. Wash one and wear the other. Efficiency and great for the environment.

Citizen Chrome Mask 2-Pack: $16 > $12

Bonus: So many choices to choose from but are you still unsure of what gift to give? Gift cards are another safe option so let them choose to their heart's content. ($10.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00)

Gift Card: $10, $25, $50, $100



The holidays are around the corner and we here at UrbanCred love seeing good gear mix with happy people. With our sale hitting going on right now, it's the perfect time to get something before the holiday rush. We spent a lot of time going back and forth on what would be best for each section. Don't agree? Feel free to browse more as the whole site is on sale. 

Good luck and be sure to follow us on Instagram @urbancred_official and sing up for our newsletter for more updates and details on future events. 

Much Love, 
The UrbanCred Team

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